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About Wrocław

While Kraków may be Poland’s most common tourist destination it is far from its best – as proven by the magnificent gothic metropolis of Wrocław. With architecture straight out of a Grimm’s fairy-tale it’s easy to believe that there is magic hiding in this little-known gem of a city. In fact, if you look carefully when you’re visiting the zoo, shopping or even returning to your hotel you might see one of Wrocław’s famous dwarfs, although there are rumours that no one has ever seen them all.

Unfortunately, as with any country in Northern Europe, there’s always a high chance of rain in Wrocław, even in the summer. However, the probability of precipitation also makes the city a fantastic winter destination as you’re almost guaranteed to get some snow when visiting – plus the city is famous for its Christmas Markets so you can be sure to soak in the festive atmosphere. However, summer visitors are bound to find some great attractions too as the city makes every effort to be one of Poland’s top tourist destinations.

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Hotels in Wrocław

The combination of Wrocław’s focus on tourism and the lower number of visitors compared to Kraków makes the city a buyer’s market when it comes to accommodation. Even backpackers should be able to find a good bed for the night while those with a little money to flash can indulge in extravagant service. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line accommodation, you should consider the Sleep Walker Boutique and the Granary in the city centre which each offer incredible modern suites complimented by flawless service.

Shopping in Wrocław

Wrocław is a modern city with plenty of areas for you to shop. If you’re hoping to go on a spending spree with your złoty then your first port of call should be the Magnolia Park Shopping Mall on the outskirts of town that boasts many major brands including Zara, H&M and T.K. Max. If you’re in the market for high-fashion, you can buy the latest designer labels from the impressive Galeria Dominikańska in the centre of the city. Be aware that there is a ban on shopping during certain Sundays throughout winter so it’s worth checking if the shops will be open on the days you’re planning to visit.

Food & Drink in Wrocław

Surprisingly, Wrocław is something of a culinary hotspot in Poland, so visitors will find many delicacies cooked with incredible skill and some trademark Wrocław style. Keep an eye out for żurek, a traditional Polish soup which is often served in a bread bowl, pierogi, also known as Polish dumplings, and gołąbki, a sort of cabbage spring roll. Those looking for a sweeter option should also try pączki, a polish doughnut without a hole in the centre. And visitors over the age of 18 should make use of Poland’s low alcohol prices to try many of Wrocław speciality beers and vodkas. 

Events in Wrocław

As a city with plenty of art and culture, Wrocław has many events and festivals for tourists to enjoy. Here are a few of our favourites but be sure to check with the local tourist board while you’re there to make sure you don’t miss anything:

Wrocław Non-stop

Street performers, artists, actors, musicians, acrobats, stuntmen, animal tamers and much more take to the streets of Wrocław during this incredible summer festival dedicated to showing off the culture and talent of the people of Wrocław. If you want to experience a true bohemian atmosphere filled with creativity then you need to visit this festival. Be prepared to get involved as well, one of the trademarks of Wrocław Non-stop is the chance to learn some new skills.   

Ofensiva: International Film Festival

Take a break from the usual Hollywood schlock and challenge yourself with Ofensiva, one of Poland’s biggest international film festivals. Watch the next Hitchcocks, Kubricks and Nolands face-off as you take a deep dive into both world culture and philosophy. Ofensiva is normally held in the Autumn but there are occasional screenings of independent films in Wrocław throughout the year.

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