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About Shetland

About Shetland

A land of rich colours and history, Shetland is the unlike any other destination in the British Isles. While it’s famous for its rare horse breed, there is far more to discover about this incredible island than ponies. With leisure activities like golfing, climbing and several local attractions, including landmarks that date back to the Vikings and even the Neolithic age, there’s plenty to do for families, couples and lone travellers. The weather in Shetland is fairly consistent, with highs of 13°C in the summer and lows of 3°C in the winter, there’s also the possibility to see the northern lights in the winter months. With so much to enjoy in this unique region and three airports based across the island, there’s nothing stopping you from paying a visit.

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Shetland offers several different types of accommodation for travellers. If you want to enjoy a little Scottish luxury, you could stay at the Busta House Hotel – a converted manor house with incredible views of the Scottish landscape. For a more modern experience, the Scalloway Hotel boasts contemporary accommodation. And couples can enjoy Kveldsro House, which promises an intimate suite complete with a four-poster bed, for the ultimate romantic getaway.

Thanks to the island’s successful tourism industry, Shetland boasts several bustling high-streets and even a small shopping mall, the Toll Clock Shopping Centre. There’s a lot of local produce, arts and crafts to buy with many independent shops specialising in food and clothing produced on the island. While you may not be able to find every high-street brand while visiting Shetland, with some compromise you should be able to find most of what you need.

Thanks to its distinct geography, Shetland is the only place where a few rare breeds of cattle can be reared, this means that the island is able to offer some incredible delicacies to visitors. Reestit Mutton is a very unique form of mutton that is produced by Shetland Sheep and involves an 8 week process of curing and drying, the taste is undeniably flavoursome and well worth a try. Another dish for meat-lovers, saat beef uses an old Scandinavian-style of salting to dry out fresh meat. Often combine with bread roll-like Shetland bannocks, saat beef makes for a mouth-watering treat.

With a long history of festivities, the Shetland Islands play host to many events around the year - giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy Shetland culture:

Up Helly Aa

A celebration of Shetland’s Viking roots held at the end of January, Up Helly Aa is a festival that’s celebrated across the island with hordes of fire-wielding locals dressing as Vikings and marching throughout the town. This is a completely unique occasion that must be seen to be believed and is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

Unst Fest

Britain’s most northerly festival, Unst is an eclectic event that offers a little bit of everything including sports, live music, quizzes, fashion shows, farming demonstrations and much more. It takes place over a week in July and is a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained while you enjoy the incredible surroundings.


Curated by film critic Mark Kermode and film historian Linda Ruth, Screenplay is a unique film festival that features many film screenings as well as panel discussions on filmmaking and lectures from visiting professionals. This is a huge event in the film industry and, thanks to its focus on inclusivity, it’s easy for passionate amateurs to attend.

From Manchester, you’ll take a 1 hour 35 minute flight to Sumburgh airport, the largest on the island. There is then the possibility to visit the other two airports, Tingwall and Scatsta, to fly across to more remote islands. 

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