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About Ostersund

A winter city in every sense.

Slap bang in the centre of Sweden, Ostersund markets itself as the kind of place you can get up close and personal with winter (in fact, its latter-day motto is Vinterstaden, or ‘Winter City’). However, its winters are comparatively mild, local agriculture thriving and lakeshore views beautiful. In short, a perfectly civilised place to escape to, on and off the piste.

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Hotels in Ostersund

As Östersund doesn’t boast the same reputation with tourists as other Swedish towns and cities, you’re unlikely to find the range of accommodation that other destinations offer. However, there’s plenty of mid-range hotels for a reasonable price in and around the town which, when combine with the snowy surroundings, make for a memorable stay. Most of the hotels in the city are competitively priced so be sure to shop around before making a reservation.

Shopping in Ostersund

Östersund offers a shopping experience to rival most British towns and cities with plenty of shopping centres and a bustling high-street. With a little rummaging around the smaller streets, you’re sure to find plenty of keepsakes and souvenirs to remember your visit by. If you want a uniquely Swedish purchase, consider a trip to Woolpower where you can buy 100% Swedish wool clothing that is said to be as warming and durable as it is sustainably produced, the perfect purchase to combat the chilly climate.

Food & Drink in Ostersund

The people of Östersund pride themselves on their locally sourced food and drink as they’re often able to tell you exactly where each cut of meat or bottle of wine has come from. While you’ll be able to easily find all the Swedish classics like meatballs, fish and lingonberries, there’s plenty of international dishes to try as well– it’s well worth booking at one of the many Asian restaurants to experience a local take on Chinese or Indian staples.

Events in Ostersund

Östersund’s central location within Sweden makes it a natural choice for several events and festivals. If you fancy making one of the city’s celebrations the centrepiece of your visit, here’s a few of our top picks:

Biathlon World Championships

A combination of quick skiing and eagle-eyed marksmanship makes Biathlon one of the most challenging winter sports and with the world championships held in Östersund, you can enjoy a rare chance to see the most talented Biathletes in action.


One of the biggest Scandinavian music festivals, Storsjöyran takes place at the start of August and features both top acts from around the world as well as local talent. If you fancy a festival experience but want to avoid the prices of Glastonbury or V-Fest, this is a great option.

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Time zone:GMT +2 in summer
Flight time:3 hours
Airport code:OSD
Holiday type:Winter Sports

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