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About Montengro

About Montenegro

Sitting on the border between the East and the West, Montenegro is a destination that offers something for everyone. You can start the day exploring the white sands and crystal-clear shores of the Adriatic coast and then travel into the incredible mountain ranges, which earned the country its name, and spend the afternoon skiing down snow-covered slopes. Only two thirds the size of Wales, the entire country can be seen in a single trip but even after months of exploration, you’ll still be able to discover more hidden treasures in this historic nation.

The climate is mild for the Adriatic, with warmer winters and slightly cooler summers compared to its neighbours, so you can rely on comfortable conditions all year round. No matter when you visit, the small coastal village of Sveti Stefan is a must for all travellers. Built on a tiny islet 3.7 miles southeast of the town of Budva, Sveti Stefan showcases everything that attracts visitors to the Adriatic including mouth-watering cuisine, breath-taking vistas and a rich history.