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About Brindisi

Italy’s gateway to the east, Brindisi is both a short stop for many travellers on their way to other destinations and a tourism hub in its own right. The city boasts a rich history as the starting point for epic journeys across the eastern world – including that of explorers from the Roman Empire and the crusaders of Medieval Europe.

Weather in Brindisi is typical for the Adriatic, with highs of 29°C in July and lows of 7°C in January, so you can almost guarantee blue skies in the summer months. With modern conveniences and lots of local attractions, Brindisi is well-worth your time whether you’re making a quick stopover or spending a few weeks in the historic port.

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Hotels in Brindisi

Catering to both short stay travellers and holidaymakers, the hotels of Brindisi offer a range of different experiences and accommodation. If you’re only planning to stay in the city for a few nights, a visit to the modern Hotel Boutique Executive may be in order. However, families and tourists may want to look at the traditional Masseria Baroni Nuovi which is situated in a more rural area outside of the city. Alternatively, there’s also the Palazzo Virgilio in the heart of Brindisi, which offers contemporary accommodation and world-class service.

Shopping in Brindisi

Whether you’re looking for traditional Italian produce or the latest clothing lines from big-name brands, Brindisi has something to suit all shoppers. Those looking to sample fresh food and drink from the port and surrounding areas should visit the traditional Italian deli Enoteca Fedele and the Mercatino Scuole Pie, a large local market in a repurposed church. Shoppers on the hunt for a bargain may also want to check out the Centro Commerciale Le Colonne, a large shopping centre on the edge of the city.

Food & Drink in Brindisi

As a port city, many of Brindisi’s local delicacies are fish dishes, often including the famous bluefish that is common in the area. Traditional restaurants in the city sell tajedda, a mix of rice, potatoes and fish, which is the signature dish of Brindisi. If you’re looking for a slightly different lunch there’s also pettul, small doughy parcels filled with different fruit, vegetables and fish and then deep fried. Wherever you go, there’s plenty of Italian cuisine to sample so be sure to stock up on mouth-watering pizza and pasta.

Events in Brindisi

With a strong Christian tradition, Brindisi’s festivals mostly coincide with those of the Catholic church, or with the feast days of the city’s patron saints:

The Adorned Horse Procession

Taking place during the Christian holiday of Corpus Domini, this sober event sees the city’s bishop ride through the streets on a well-decorated horse while carrying the blessed sacrament. This forms the head of a parade including many clergymen, soldiers and civil authorities. Demonstrating the deep connection between the town’s residents and the church, this is a great time to gain an understanding for the people of Brindisi.

The Procession at Sea

Taking place during the first week of September, the Procession at Sea is a celebration of the patron saints of the city, St. Theodore of Amasea and Saint Lawrence of Brindisi. The port fills with boats as a parade of big and small vessels make their way across the inner bay. Once the parade is finished there is a large firework display and festivities that last well into the evening. This is a completely unique celebration of Brindisi and is sure to leave you with memories you’ll treasure.

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