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About Bordeaux

About Bordeaux

When you think of the word ‘Bordeaux’ it’s difficult not to also hear the words ‘fine’ and ‘wine’ and there’s a good reason for this. Nestled in the sun-drenched banks of the river Garonne, Bordeaux is a city built on a combination of fine dining and even finer wines. Rich vineyards spread as far as the eye can see in the surrounding countryside, creating a rustic image that wouldn’t be out of place a couple of centuries back.

But that isn’t the real Bordeaux.

The real Bordeaux is a bustling, beating urban hub of culture and the arts where both rockers and royalty meet to indulge in the best of everything. Throughout the city, you’ll find just as many modern nightclubs and bars as you will ancient wine cellars, and for every historical landmark that defines Bordeaux spectacular skyline, there are two incredible pieces of modern art or architecture. With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why people flock to the city every year. 

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Hotels in Bordeaux

As visitors run the gamut from the rich and famous elite to frugal backpackers and students, the hotels of Bordeaux are prepared to offer every level of service. If you really want to splash some cash then your first port of call should be the modern Yndō Hotel located in an incredible 19th Century Mansion hidden in the heart of the city. Families and young couples may want to consider chains such as the Quality Hotel or Best Western in the city centre, which both offer some of their franchise’s finest accommodation. And if you’re a particularly thrifty traveller saving your euros for a few extra bottles of wine, you should book into the quirky Mama Shelter which offers a combination economical hostel prices and incredible hotel service.

Shopping in Bordeaux

As with all things in Bordeaux, there are plenty of shopping experiences to suit every taste and budget. No matter what you’re hoping to buy, every tourist should visit the luxurious Golden Triangle, which features some of the world’s most exclusive boutiques and stores – don’t be surprised if you bump into a few of Hollywood’s famous faces as you walk from store to store. When it comes to picking up those all-important souvenirs, the best place to find truly memorable keepsakes is the Marche des Quais, a picturesque shopping strip that runs along the banks of the Garonne.

Food & Drink in Bordeaux

The first drink any visitor over the age of 18 should try in Bordeaux is fairly obvious, however, the city has a lot more to offer visitors than just wine list. Seafood fans will be in their element as the city’s unique position on the banks of the Garonne has led to the perfection of many mussel and fish dishes.

The city’s signature dish is entrecote bordelaise, a lightly cooked steak in a rich red wine sauce that all foodies will love, and if that doesn’t interest you there’s also the city’s signature desert Canelé, a rum and vanilla pastry with a custard centre.

Events in Bordeaux

With traditions that pre-date the formation of France back to 560BC, Bordeaux offers a superb range of festivals that need to be seen to be believed:

Fête Le Fleuve

A celebration of Bordeaux and its unique connection to the Garonne, the Fête Le Fleuve is held in the spring on every odd-numbered year (as the Fête Du Vin wine festival is held every even-numbered year). The Fête Le Fleuve sees many boats take to the harbour in a procession throughout the day while locals and visitors enjoy the produce of the water, including a mouth-watering selection of seafood. In the evening you can expect incredible fireworks and many parties through the night.

Fête Du Vin

The festival that replaces the Fête Le Fleuve on every even year, the Fête Du Vin is a celebration of Bordeaux and its rich history of winemaking. The areas many vineyards pull out all the stops, literally, to deliver a constant stream of wine tastings and accompanying food. If you’re a foodie, this celebration should be on your bucket list as many of the world’s greatest chefs open their doors to offer once-in-a-lifetime meals.  

Climax Festival

Held in early September, Climax Festival is one of France’s biggest music festivals with both global superstars and French talent sharing the stage. If you want an alternative to the British Festival scene, Climax Festival offers many of the same acts with a slight French twist – and often at a lower price.

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