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Airside Driver Training

Information about joining the driver database.

In order for your Company to be included onto the Driver database which is the first step of the process, please e-mail where you will be sent a questionnaire to complete. Once you have completed the questionnaire, please return it electronically where it will then be processed and he will be back to you to take you through the next stages. Meanwhile, please see below for prices, courses and additional information.

The ADP UK Airside Driving Permit

Target Audience:

All drivers applying for a permit to drive at Manchester
There is a visual familiarisation of the airfield for the initial course and a short medical examination of eyesight, colour perception and hearing conducted by the employers preferred medical examiner or Manchester Airport's Occupational Health unit, to CAP790 standards, stated on the medical.

The ADP will be valid for a period of three years, following which a driver will need to sit a Refresher Course to renew it. In order to be issued with an Airside Driving Permit, you will need to produce your Manchester Airport Identification, which must be either blue or red, your Driving License (both parts where applicable), a copy of your medical certificate.


Understand the apron road system, markings and layout. At the end of a successfully completed course you will receive a Manchester Airport Airside Driving Permit.

Course Content:

Course includes a Power point presentation covering Airfield Topography, Safe Working Practices including Health & Safety and Civil Aviation regulations covering the Airfield, Accident and incident reporting procedures, Emergency telephone numbers and contacts.

For new drivers of both the APD permit and the Manoeuvring Area there is also a visual familiarisation of the Airfield road system, stands and taxiways.


Classroom instruction session including Power point presentation and lecture. Drivers must then sit a straight forward multiple – choice exam to confirm that they have understood the training and that they recall the most important rules and regulations if driving Airside.

Course Details:

The classroom session and Airside familiarization takes about five hours in total, including the exam, which is 20 minutes in length. A refresher course lasts approximately three and a half hours.

Full Driver Training by the MAPLC Technical Trainers costs £182 + Vat.

Refresher Training costs £136 + Vat.This includes literature, test fee and issue of permit.

If your accredited company elects to carry out their own training, then you will be required to take the test with MAPLC - at a cost of £30 + Vat (including issue of permit).
Familiarisation only £30 + VAT.

Manoeuvre Area M/R Permit £265 + VAT

Manoeuvre Area (Revalidation) M/R Permit £177 + VAT

A cancellation fee of £20 is charged for all no shows or for cancellations with less than 24 hours before the date.

How to Book:

Ring Simon Day at Centre for Learning on 0161 489 5790 to book your place.

To book a medical check, ring MAPLC Occupational Health Unit direct on 0161 489 3962.

You and your employer will be required to fill out the CAP 790 Airside Driver Medical Form prior to the medical examination, which you can download and print at the bottom of this page.

Airbridge Training. N.B. A more complete list of prices of all training courses including Airbridge Driving & Validation is available on request to Simon Day.