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Smoking Airside

Find out where you can and can’t smoke around throughout the airport.

Smoking Airside

While you’re unable to smoke on any flight and you cannot smoke within any of the terminal buildings, we’ve tried to create as many opportunities as possible for guests to smoke before their flight while prioritising the safety of the airfield. All three terminal buildings have smoking areas outside that can be used before check-in and after arrivals. The use of E-cigarettes is forbidden within the Airport.


Terminal 1 Smoking Area

Once you’ve checked-in and made your way through security in Terminal 1, you’ll be able to use the outdoor airside smoking area which is located near the food court.


Terminal 2 Smoking Area

The airside smoking area in Terminal 2 is located near Gate 212 and can be reached easily once you’ve passed through security.


Smoking In Terminal 3

Unfortunately, there are no outdoor smoking areas in the airside section Terminal 3. We recommend that smokers use the designated areas outside of the terminal before going through check-in.