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Enhanced Retail Environment and New Executive Lounges

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) continues to invest in its airport infrastructure, providing an improved passenger experience with better security facilities, an enhanced retail environment and new executive lounges. The £100m investment to redevelop Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 is now complete, with enhanced retail and catering services, following a groundbreaking study into how passengers use the terminals.

Developments at Manchester Airport in 2010

In July 2010, a new Escape executive lounge opened in Terminal 1 at a cost of over £1.5m, where over 100,000 guests have enjoyed the service ever since.

The creation of this new lounge adds to the long-term success of Terminal 2’s Escape lounge, which serves our scheduled airline partners including Singapore Airlines, Pakistan International, Qatar Airways and United Airlines. The opening of the new premium lounges also occurred in 2010 for customers travelling with Emirates and Etihad in Terminal 1, while in 2011 this was joined by Virgin Holidays’ new V-Room in Terminal 2.

We have invested in security body scanners at Manchester Airport, ensuring our passengers’ safety whilst also moving passengers through the security process quickly, improving the passenger journey. Safety is paramount to our business and our aim is to continue to ensure that our standards of security are world class.

Customer service excellence is very much at the forefront of our priorities. We aim to make every passenger feel special and have continued our “Fix the Basics” and “Customer First” programmes, focusing on the areas that our customers value the most, including a clean environment in food areas and toilets, the provision of quality seating, reduced queue times and effective way finding. We have set ourselves tough service quality targets to reflect this and ensure the fulfilment of our brand promise to “make the customer journey easy”.

Manchester Airport has also made a substantial investment in public transport, which will see the Metrolink tram system extended to the airport by 2016. The new line will branch off the South Manchester line, and will run to the existing ground transport interchange, The Station, via Wythenshawe.

Developments at Manchester Airport in 2011

In 2011 Manchester Airport has been refurbishing Runway 1 (Runway 23R/05L). This has been a two-year project scheduled for completion in September 2011. At a cost £20m, the project utilises a new material that provides better drainage and friction values and will require less maintenance in the future. Additionally whilst carrying out this refurbishment we have been pressing to have new lighting technology approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for use on our runways and means that Manchester Airport will have the first runway in the UK lit by low-energy LED lighting, reducing our energy usage.

Developments at Manchester Airport in 2012

In 2012 Manchester Airport will commence the construction of a new Air Traffic Control tower. The project will replace the current facilities and is expected to be complete in 2013. The new tower will be a stand alone, purpose built building, with the base of the building housing a new equipment centre and offices for ATC, which is carried out at Manchester by Air Traffic Control company, National Air Traffic Services (NATS). At 60m high with 360-degree panoramic views, it will provide unrivalled views of the entire airfield operation. The tower will also house a new visual control room, an approach radar section and navigation, surveillance and communication equipment to ensure Air Traffic Control can effectively service the long-term investment and future growth of the airport.

We have also recently introduced new state-of-the-art, non-invasive body scanning technology has been introduced in response to new regulations put in place by the UK Department for Transport.