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Hackney cab information

Information on gaining access to Manchester Airport as a Hackney cab operator

Please note, there is currently a cap on any new Hackney Carriages operating at the Airport forecourts. You can however still apply and operate at the Station forecourt. The pick-up charge for the Station forecourt is £0.60.

To gain access to Manchester Airport feeder park and forecourt ranks, you must report to the Car Parks Admin office located on the ground floor of T1 Arrivals to sign a contract. The Hackney Carriage must be registered with Manchester City Council, and you must be able to produce your license.

All hackneys should report to the feeder park, located on Ringway Road (opposite the Airport Public House, next to Car Rental Village). A traffic marshal at the feeder park will inform you when to go to the terminal forecourt. Below are the routes that must be taken:

Weekdays 0730 – 2230: direct route to T1 & T3 / T2 via T1 forecourt
Weekday nights 2230 – 0730: loop system T3, T1, T2
Saturday (all day): loop system T3, T1, T2
Sunday until 1200: loop system T3, T1, T2
Sunday after 1200: direct route to T1 & T3 / T2 via T1 forecourt

This facility is for licensed hackney carriages only and has controlled access. Unregistered or unlicensed taxis will be told to leave the premises.
There is a charge of £1.60 per visit.

Hackney carriage pay stations are located at the feeder park and at the Terminal 3 entrance. Manchester Airport does permit return to rank after a ‘bell job’. The following locations are defined as ‘bell jobs’:


• Airport Hotel
• Bewley’s Airport
• Beechwood B and B
• Crowne Plaza Airport
• Etrop Grange Hotel
• Hilton
• Marriot Hotel
• Premier Runger Lane
• Davenport Green Hall
• Radisson SAS
• Romper Pub
• Travel Inn Finney Lane
• Travel Lodge Runger Lane
• New Hotel (under construction) Runger Lane

Business Houses:

• Accenture (Kingsley Hall)
• Atlas Business Park
• Cargo
• Centron House
• Concord Business Park
• Costain House (Trident)
• Brotherton House
• Green Courts
• Manchester Business Park
• M.I.O.C.
• Ringway Trading Estate
• Shell House Rolandsway
• Ashbrook House Industries

Car Parks

• Budget (Finney Lane – Styal Road)
• Daisy Bank Farm
• Premier Parking
• Shuttle Park (Styal Road)
• Secure Parking (Civic)
• T1/T3 Long Stay
• T2 Long Stay
• Old Carminder sites


• Aviation Viewing Park
• Fire station (Brownley Road)
• Tatton Arms
• Moss Nook Restaurant
• Costain M/Tenance office
• Rail Link (Airport)
• Civic Centre (Simonsway Poundwick Road / Lands Way)

Staff Bell Jobs

• All airport staff who live in ‘Woodhouse Park’ within the boundary of M56-Simonsway-Shadow Moss Road
• Note: Staff to Peel Hall / Heald Green / Bench Hill are not bell jobs

This is a definitive list, to be accepted by all and not open to interpretation.

Any destination not listed above must not be classified as ‘bell jobs’. ‘Bell jobs’ must never be a residential address. All ‘bell jobs’ are clocked fares. All ‘bell jobs’ are monitored by Manchester Airport traffic marshalls. For all other journeys, hackney carriages must return to the feeder park. If false ‘bell jobs’ are used in order to return to rank, this can result in suspension.

Private hire

Private hire cars are welcomed at Manchester Airport. Facilities available to private hire cars include all turn-up car parks. Private hire cars can also register and purchase concession cards from the Car Parks Admin office located on the ground level entrance to T1 Arrivals.