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Mitigation Schemes

We work hard to be a good neighbour and provide mitigation against the effects of living near such a busy airport; for those most affected by our operations.

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Sound Insulation Grant Scheme

This Scheme provides financial assistance towards the installation of sound-proof glazing in the areas most affected by aircraft noise.

Vortex Repair Scheme

Vortices are circulating currents of air caused by moving aircraft. Whilst most vortices are broken up by the natural flow of air before they reach the ground, sometimes they can reach roof level, causing movement or slippage to tiles.

Home Relocation Assistance Scheme

Launched in 2006, the Home Relocation Assistance Scheme is intended to benefit local residents who wish to move to an area less affected by aircraft noise. Covering a significant proportion of the costs of moving home, this voluntary scheme applies to residential properties only.

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