Measuring Our Success

Impact Study

On a regular basis we independently review our impact in the local communities. We target different areas at each end of our site in-turn and are keen to know:

  • Has Manchester Airport become more visible in the community?
  • Is Manchester Airport making a positive contribution in your neighbourhood?
  • What progress has been made (since our last study)?
  • How can our programmes be developed and improved?

Wythenshawe Results

In February 2010 we surveyed 60 local stakeholders including elected representatives, community leaders, teachers and local organisations. 90% of participants rated their relationship with the airport as good or better. We also asked people where we should focus our efforts and this was the response...


In response we...

  • Upgraded our Airport Academy to offer 6 month apprenticeships to unemployed people, 80% of which led to job offers. All graduates of the AA now have work experience and an NVQ qualification as well as a wide range of employability skills
  • Now offer reading support in 3 primary schools in Wythenshawe that feed into our supported High School MEA
  • Support GSCE Maths at MEA – which is bringing measurable results
  • Increased the number of schools in our attendance scheme to 16
  • 3 further staff volunteered as school Governors, 2 in the primary sector and one in a high school
  • Offered 20 primary schools in Wythenshawe, 4 in Cheshire, 3 in Stockport and 1 in Trafford the chance to participate in an art project with either MOSI or CGOD. This involved working with an artist and resulted in artwork going on display – see our Education Site photo gallery.
  • Giving 2.6 million to 1040 organisations via our Community Trust Fund – 263 recipients in Manchester and 239 in Cheshire.


Knutsford and Mobberley Results

In March 2011 we talked to 54 local people including elected representatives, community leaders, teachers and local organisations from Mobberley, Longridge, Shaw Heath and Manor Park in Cheshire. The results showed us that:

  • 69% of those surveyed noticed an increased involvement in their communities since our last survey
  • 88% found our involvement to range from fair to excellent

Comments from respondents included:

  • "It [Manchester Airport] has stepped out of its traditional business role and supports the development of a sense of pride in the community."
  • "Schools benefit from education provision and enrichment."

The Study has helped to define what we will be concentrating on going forward, including:

  • Working on local environmental projects in Mobberley.
  • Increasing the number of our mobile outreaches in Shaw Heath where our respondents told us of the difficulty in getting to the library in Knutsford for those without a car.
  • Our active Longridge and Shawheath business support group have delivered 2 "What's My Line" events and a Numbers at Work day.


Heald Green and Styal Results

In July 2012 we invited 82 local people including elected representatives, community leaders, teachers and local organisations from Heald Green, Cheadle and Styal Cheshire. The results showed us that:

  • 59% of those surveyed have noticed an increased community involvement
  • 88% rated the level of Manchester Airport’s relationship with the community as acceptable to excellent (61% rated the relationship as good or excellent)

Comments from respondents included:

  • "Manchester Airport provides job, supports local business, provides a valuable services and takes its environmental responsibilities seriously."
  • "Excellent contact with and approachability of the Community Relations Team."
  • "Positive attitude towards local residents and understanding their needs through consultation."


Working with Councils

We regularly meet with councillors and elected representatives to brief them on our activities and to understand more about our local communities and how we can get involved. Attendees are asked to rate the event out of four (one being poor and four excellent). The overall score for the latest event was 3.9. The two most valued items on the agenda were:

  • Aviation Development
  • Airport City


Community Recognition

In 2011 for the first time tested our work against the Business in The Community Index. We tested our Community Strategy against a national standard and were joint highest new entry in the Business in the Community (BiTC) Index published in The Times during June. We were ranked silver - a significant achievement for our first entry. In 2012 we increased our rank to gold and in 2013 to Platinum (one of only three companies in the North West).

We were also honoured in 2013 to win two prestigious Big Tick awards:

  • The North West Award for Employee Volunteering Company of the Year
  • The Building Stronger Communities Award (for our work in Wythenshawe)

These awards recognise our work in the community which is so important to our business. Last year 500 colleagues volunteered and these awards recognise their achievements. 

In 2011 our Community Relations Manager Wendy Sinfield was awarded the BiTC Leadership for Sustainability Award and in 2012 was named as a Business in the Community Game Changer. We believe that such recognition is further external endorsement of the excellent community programme that we have in place at Manchester; spear headed by Wendy and her Community Relations Team.

At the Bayer/FACE Awards 2013 (reward farmers, growers and other organisations who host school visits or offer educational activities in schools). Our partnership work with Schools in Cheshire and Wythenshawe with FACE (the Farming & Countryside Education, the National Farmers Union and Farm Phil Smallwood in Cheshire was recognised with an award.