Consultative Committee

The Manchester Airport Consultative Committee, comprising 33 members representing local authorities, amenity groups and user groups meets on a quarterly basis to request progress reports from Manchester Airport on current community issues including:

  • Results of environmental monitoring
  • Analysis of community complaints
  • Development proposals
  • Environmental management initiatives
  • Traffic statistics

In addition, two sub-groups, the Technical Advisory Group and the Airport Users Advisory Group, meet quarterly.

The Technical Advisory Group focuses on the external ‘face’ of the Airport, covering ground transport, environmental controls and policy, airline performance and airfield operations issues.

The Airport Users Advisory Group is responsible for advising on matters involving the operation of the terminals and passenger facilities.

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How do I raise issues with my local Committee member?

The Consultative Committee is administered by its Secretary, Mike Flynn, to whom enquiries should be addressed as follows:
Tel 07710 816720

Manchester Airport Community Relations
Tel: 08000 967 967 (voicemail is available outside normal working hours)

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