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Lost Property

Lost Property

Excess Baggage Limited provide lost property services at Manchester Airport.


  • Terminal 1 - The passageway between ground level check-in and the Arrivals  Hall
  • Terminal 2  - Arrivals level adjacent to WH Smiths

Opening times

Monday to Sunday – 8am to 8pm

Lost & Found

This includes any Items which have been left or found at the airport. A storage and administration charge applies. This charge will range from between £5 - £20 depending on the item.

Protect your luggage

Protect your luggage and get your bag wrapped in a protective film for only £10 per item. 

Left Luggage 

This is where you can store your luggage at the airport. All items will be screened for security and will be accepted at the service provider's discretion provided that:

  • They are an acceptable size and weight
  • There is sufficient storage space available
  • The luggage meets public safety and hygiene standards

The charge is £10 per item for every 24 hours.

Shipping of luggage to other countries

We can ship luggage for you by sea, air or road. Please ask at the office for a quotation.

Luggage Sales

A variety of products available such as; hold baggage and cabin baggage

Lost /Delayed Luggage

For lost or delayed luggage, please contact your airline’s appointed Handling Agent

Please do not leave any baggage unattended at any time when you are at the airport, as it will be removed for security reasons and may be destroyed.