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Below are three short films that take the viewer on to the flight deck and in to the control tower. Manchester Airport colleagues, a pilot and an air traffic controller explain how aircraft are operated in a way designed to cause the least possible disruption to those living close to our site.

The pdf Runway Data Sheet explains our operations using diagrams, maps and graphical data and the data sheets below show experience of our operations on each of our Preferred Noise Routes in 2015:

Manchester Airport Westerly Operations SONEX1R/Y 

Manchester Airport Westerly Operations SANBA1Y/R

Manchester Airport Westerly Operations LISTO1Y/R

Manchester Airport Westerly Operations EKLAD1R/Y

Manchester Airport Easterly Operations ASMIM1S

Manchester Airport Easterly Operations LISTO2S

Manchester Airport Easterly Operations DESIG1Y/R

Download our Runway Data Sheet PDF

If you have an iPad you can also download our free iBook; 'A Flying Visit to Manchester Airport?'

Runway Data Sheet Videos: Manchester Airport Operations/Departures/Arrivals

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