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Working at the Airport

As our airports continue to expand, the number of employees working for MAG and the other companies based on site will continue to grow.

Great Place to work

It's a great place to work with career opportunities in everything from communications to engineering, finance and information systems to aviation development. It's an exciting environment where no two days are the same. If you like a challenge, are committed to working hard and want to put your skills and aptitudes to good use, think about a career at the Airport.

We won't offer you free flights but we will offer first rate pay and conditions and we'll provide training and development opportunities that will help you to develop your full potential.

Visit our job profiles to get a flavour of the type of work on offer. If you would like to be a pilot or cabin crew, please contact the airlines direct.

Things to consider

The Airport operates around the clock, all year so you should bear the following in mind:

  • Shift work in operational areas may involve very early starts, e.g. 0300 or 0400 in the morning.  At peak times travelling to the Airport by car can take a long time. There are many different ways to get to the Airport. Investigate car sharing, cycling, buses, coaches and rail.
  • Be flexible. The Airport recruits a lot of seasonal staff on temporary contracts between March and October. This is a great way to get experience and familiarise yourself with the Airport environment. If individuals perform well, their contracts may be extended or made permanent.
  • Security at the Airport is a priority. As you might imagine, the Department for Transport has strict guidelines for recruiting staff at an Airport. All potential employees will be security checked before being offered a job on site. To obtain a security pass you need to be able to provide a detailed five-year career history and you will need to undertake a criminal record check. The Airport will contact teachers to find out about young people who would like to join the Airport from school or college.