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Terminal 2 wall answers

Have you attempted our puzzles on the wall in Terminal 2?

T2 wall answers

Wall 1:

1a – Steve Coogan
1b – Diane Modhal
1c – Sir Ian McKellan
1d – Emmeline Pankhurst
1e – Laurence Stephen Lowry
1f – Anna Friel
1g - Liam Gallagher
1h – Suranne Jones
1i – Professor Brian Cox
1j – Maxine Peake

Wall 2:

2a – China
2b – Canada
2c – New Zealand
2d – Madagascar
2e – Brazil
2f – Galapagos Islands
2g – New York USA
2h – Sydney Australia
2i – Easter Island
2j – Giza Egypt
2k – Paris France
2l – Moscow Russia

Wall 3:


  • Sun cream: You can find the sun cream bottle next to the boy in the blue shorts sat by the shore.
  • Straw hat: The straw hat is being worn by the man on a deck chair towards the back of the scene.
  • Sunglasses: The pair of sunglasses are next to the lady sunbathing on the stripy rug.
  • Suitcase: You can see the suitcase next to the man sunbathing between two trees towards the far end of the beach.
  • Bucket and spade: Top left in the bushes


  • Rubber ring on the sand is a different colour.
  • Canoe is a different colour
  • There is a kite in the left image but not in the right
  • Bucket and spade are next to the shop in the left image but not in the right
  • The roof of the house is a different colour


  • Goggles: On the man front right
  • Gloves: Women wearing these bottom left
  • Bobble hat: Skier on the top left mountain
  • Ski boot: In the snow by the tree
  • Bag: Man climbing the top right mountain


  • Man on windsurf has different colour shorts
  • Bucket and spade missing in the right image
  • Tree on the left and not on the right
  • Man by blue house on right
  • Boat is a different colour


  • Lifebuoy: On the tree at the back of the scene
  • Chair: By the pool top left
  • Camera: On the white round table bottom left
  • Umbrella: On the sand
  • Signpost: on the hill top left

Wall 4:

4A – United States of America
4B – Australia
4C – Russia
4D – South Africa
4E – Argentina
4F – India
4G – United Arab Emirates
4H – Rome, Italy
4I – Beijing, China
4J – Toronto, Canada
4K – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4L – Agra, India

Wall 5:


  • Boat towards the back left of the scene is missing on the left image
  • There are two palm trees on the top right of the image
  • Umbrella in the bottom left corner on the right image but not on the left
  • The boy’s shorts are red on the right image but blue on the left.
  • Rubber ring is red in the right image and yellow in the left


  • BBQ: By the tree in the far left
  • Guitar: Behind the lady running
  • Picnic basket: Next to the lady walking in the pink trousers
  • Camera: In the red rucksack
  • Drinks: By the tree to the right of the scene.


  • Top left, first mountain has three skiers
  • Skier in the middle of the scene has different colour trousers
  • Second ski lift from the bottom has skiers
  • First ski lift from the top is a different colour
  • Left hand side there are additional trees


  • Rucksack: Lady wearing this at the bottom left
  • Compass: On the man in the middle of the scene
  • Clip: Next to the man with the compass
  • Fire: On top of the mountain on the left
  • Tent: Far right by the rock


  • No umbrella on the right image
  • Red and yellow boat missing on the left image
  • Colour of the rubber ring on the boat is a different colour at the front of the scene
  • Man walking past the pink house is missing on the right image
  • The sail boat at the back of the image is a different colour.