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Meet Josh, one of our Security Team Managers

Find out more about Josh and his progression at MAG

Josh - Security Duty Manager

Security Team Manager

My interest to work for MAG started after I travelled through Manchester Airport to go on holiday. I saw the security team operating in their role and found it really interesting. It also tied in with my initial career aspiration of working in the fire service. I guess I liked the idea of protecting the public, the prospects of moving forward and the opportunity to grow in my career.

After working as an Airport Security Officer for 2 years on different terminals, I moved into the role of Security Team Manager (STM). STMs are focused on people management and this can be particularly challenging at times. I have around 25 staff on my team and keeping everyone focused and motivated can be demanding, especially when trying to meet everyone’s needs, but I get to interact with everyone and it keeps me on my toes!

The terminal has a high volume of passengers transitioning through security each day and knowing I can make a positive contribution to their journey is a reward. I thrive off problem-solving and love how varied and active the role is. I’m not a desk-based employee – I prefer to be out and about with the public. I feel that if you’re a confident and proactive person, who takes every opportunity that’s handed to you, then your career with MAG will soar. Don’t be afraid to get involved in the different projects we have at MAG, whether it’s supporting trials of new equipment or coaching new starters – it’s all great for your development and will get you noticed within the team.


Josh’s journey at MAG so far:

2013 - Started as an Airport Security Officer at MAG

November 2015 - Became a seconded Security Team Manager on T2

April 2016 - Still a Security Team Manager but I was made permanent on another Terminal. The role is the same but it was good to get experience and knowledge of another Terminal, with more responsibility of my own team of staff.

September 2018 - Started my development into the role of Security Duty Manager. It’s great to take the next step in my career, continue to learn and challenge myself further in this role.

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