The Top Five Best Value Destinations to Visit

Everybody loves getting a good deal. While it’s nice to splash out and enjoy some luxury once in a while, knowing you’re getting great value is the best feeling of all.

To help you get an incredible holiday for less, we’ve compiled the data to discover the top five best value destinations to visit in 2018.


  1. Montenegro

Average costs for…

A 1km taxi ride: £1.30

A meal for two: £22.39

A beer: £1.34


Tucked away on the Adriatic Coast, Montenegro is often referred to as Europe’s under-appreciated gem. While neighbouring Croatia seems to get more and more popular each year, the beautiful landscapes of this small country remain crowd-free.

Kotor, Montenegro

Even though Montenegro uses the Euro, the low cost of living here makes it a bargain for holidaymakers – a couple of nights staying in Kotor won’t cost you much at all. One of Europe’s most charming old towns, it sits on the edge of a crystal blue gulf and is surrounded by green mountains. You’ll want to leave plenty of time to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site, before moving on to some of Montenegro’s natural wonders like the nearby Lovcen National Park.

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  1. Mexico

Average costs for…

A 1km taxi ride: £1.57

A meal for two: £16.17

A beer: £1.01

Mexico is a vast country that offers several different and unique holiday spots. You may choose to head for bustling Cancun or the Riviera Maya, both on the Caribbean, or over to the west for Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco on the Pacific. Whichever you choose, a strong exchange rate will see your money go far when you use local businesses and services.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

If you’re heading to popular Cancun, there’s plenty to do that won’t break the bank. There are miles upon miles of beaches in the area for you to make your own, and you won’t have to spend much at all to get a taste of the local tequila. For an unforgettable but inexpensive day trip, don’t miss the chance to see Chichen Itza. The remains of this Mayan city will leave you in awe.

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  1. Latvia

Average costs for…

A 1km taxi ride: £1.35

A meal for two: £26.87

A beer: £1.61

Tucked away on the Baltic Sea, Latvia is all-too-often overlooked. But you’ll get plenty of breath-taking landscapes, incredible architecture and a huge dose of culture when you come here – all for a great price.

Riga, Latvia

When you visit the beautiful capital city of Riga, you’ll get a European city break for less than you might think. Your taxi rides, meals out and beer rounds will set you back far less than they would in similar cities across the continent. You’ll be able to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site for free when you tour the old town, and a romantic stroll in Vermanes Garden won’t cost you anything either. For a view over the city, you’ll only need a few Euro to hand to climb St Peter’s Church Tower.

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  1. Bulgaria

Average costs for…

A 1km taxi ride: £0.73

A meal for two: £18.32

A beer: £0.92

Over in the East of Europe, Bulgaria has really begun to gain traction as a great holiday spot. You’ll get plenty for your pound when you exchange it for the Bulgarian Lev, but this is only half the reason the country’s popularity with British holidaymakers is booming.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Most visitors to the region will be heading to one of two destinations. The capital city Sofia is bursting to the brim with things to do and is a vibrant and youthful place with a story to tell. The stunning onion-domed churches, underground Roman ruins and Ottoman mosques simply cannot be missed.

Aside from the capital, many tourists head for the sands of the Black Sea at resorts like Sunny Beach. With plenty of well-equipped hotels, endless lanes of bars and restaurants and golden shores that stretch for miles, there’s everything you’ll need here, only for a much better price than your Mediterranean favourites.

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  1. Tunisia

Average costs for…

A 1km taxi ride: £0.37

A meal for two: £10.55

A beer: £0.90

The North African country of Tunisia is something of a well-kept secret. With near-guaranteed sun, soaring temperatures and some fantastic hotels, it can be better value than many spots across the water in Europe.

Hammamet, Tunisia

When you visit Tunisia, you’ll also find culture everywhere you look. From bustling souks to beautiful medinas, a trip into the city is a must-do. If you’re heading for the popular resort of Hammamet, you’re in for a treat, as it’s often referred to as the Tunisian Saint-Tropez. Narrow cobbled streets hide traditional restaurants and rooftop hangouts, all within easy reach of the white sand beach that runs for miles to either end of the town.

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