Tenerife in March to May

It’s no surprise Tenerife is as popular as it is. The largest of the Canary Islands, it’s a destination that enjoys great weather all year round and is packed full of things to do and see. But what’s the island like outside of the peak summer months?

Why visit Tenerife in Spring?

Tenerife is busiest during the months of June, July and August – When British children are off school for their summer holidays. This is also when the hottest and driest weather can be found; however temperatures really do soar at this time, and Tenerife’s climate is relatively hot and dry regardless of season. Because of this, you might prefer to visit in March, April or May when things are a little quieter and the weather is more comfortable.

What’s the weather like in Tenerife from March to May?

They may not be the peak summer months, but Tenerife’s location close to the equator means you can expect great weather between March and May. Spring in Tenerife sees average daily temperatures of around 20c, peaking at around 23c in the afternoon and dropping to a mild 16c at night. What’s more, while rainfall levels vary across the island, you’re unlikely to see more than three or four wet days each month. Temperatures in July and August hover closer to 30c, which many find a little too much.

What’s on in Tenerife during March, April and May?

You don’t have to visit during peak season to see the best of Tenerife. Here’s a handful of the most exciting goings-on and coolest events on the island during spring.

Los Cristianos International Carnival – Late March

The Los Cristianos International Carnival runs every year in late March. It takes on a particular theme each year, with 2017’s being ‘Las Vegas’. Throughout the carnival’s run, which usually spans at least a week, you can experience outdoor dancing, musical performances, drag performances and fancy dress competitions. Good fun is this festival’s raison d’être.

Tenerife Walking Festival – Late May

If you’re a keen hiker, this is not to be missed. If you’re a beginner, however – don’t be put off – there are over 20 different arranged hikes on offer across the five days of the festival’s run, aimed at all abilities. This is a fantastic opportunity to get out and see, and make the most of the island’s incredible scenery and natural habitats; with hikes split into coastal, volcanic and forest categories, you can experience all the nature Tenerife has to offer.

Fiestas of the Cross – Early May

This historical festival dates back over 300 years, and is held in the northern district of Los Realejos. On one night in early May, the town will be filled with hundreds of beautiful crosses made by local people. Following this, a firework competition takes place between two of the town’s main streets over the course of 3 hours, making for one of the most dazzling shows on the island.

8k Garachico Night Race – Late March

Fitness fanatics will love the 8K Garachico Night Race. The event is growing massively year-on-year, and usually, takes place around the town of Garachico towards the end of March. Entrants will run a challenging 8K course by nightfall, offering a stimulating workout away from the heat of daytime and an amazing opportunity to get outside and admire the stars. There’s also a children’s race at the event; which has a lovely community feel to it.

Greenworld festival – Mid April

Music lovers should consider snapping up a ticket to Greenworld festival. Held in April this year, it’s an eclectic fiesta of underground electronic music set in a beautiful natural environment at Amarilla Golf. One of the biggest music festivals on the island, it promises to be on hell of a party.