Take a bite out of the Big Apple with these less obvious attractions

The iconic skyline of New York is filled with venues on every tourist’s wish list. Nevertheless, sometimes you just want to escape the queues of the Empire State, skip the crowds of Times Square and avoid eager shoppers for a more original day out. While a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry and a trip to the humbling 9/11 Memorial are essential, here are a few less obvious ideas for your next exciting visit to the Big Apple:


Skip the bar crawl for a bagel crawl

If you’re a fan of these delicious hoop-shaped doughy morsels, then you’re in for a real treat. Arguably the best place to purchase bagels in the world, New York has countless cafes and shops selling them with an endless variety of mouth-watering fillings. Instead of splurging on an evening bar crawl, why not save your dollars and satisfy your stomach with an extensive tour of the city’s best bagel places?

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

A fairly typical tourist activity, a walk along the iconic Brooklyn Bridge should not be missed by any visitor to the Big Apple. Stroll along the metal walkway and experience spectacular views and photo opportunities of both Manhattan, Brooklyn and the surroundings areas.

Spend an afternoon in Williamsburg

One of the more trendy and laid back districts of New York, Williamsburg is known for its non-conformity to commercial chains and its hipster vibe. Spend an afternoon wandering the independent shops, visiting some incredible art and music venues, and snacking in quirky cafes before having early evening drinks in one of the many rooftop bars.

Go to one of the 90+ BYOB restaurants

Eating out in any city can be pricey at times, especially if you want to relax with a glass of wine or sample a fruity cocktail or two. Luckily, New York is packed with bring your own booze restaurants so you can eat out without worrying about your drinks bill at the end of the night. Buy a bottle of your favourite wine in a convenience store and take your pick of over 90 eating establishments of varying cuisines.

Buy some ingredients at the Fulton Stall Sunday Market

If you opt to go self-catering in New York, having a night in can be a relaxing relief from splurging at New York’s expensive eateries. Head to the historic South Street Seaport on a Sunday and pick up some locally produced seasonal produce at the Fulton Stall Market and the Outdoor Market. From fresh vegetables and succulent meats to locally brewed ciders, you’ll find everything you need for a complete day’s meals.

Spend some time outdoors at The High Line gardens

Sometimes you need to slow down and take in some fresh air. While Central Park is an obvious choice for this, a more unusual option is to wander down to the Chelsea district for a few hours in the High Line Gardens. Situated on an historic disused elevated railway line, this linear park stretches out over 1.5 miles and boasts stunning outdoor gardens, unrivalled views of the Hudson River and a variety of alfresco street food, bar and café options.

Have a drink in a Speakeasy

All the rage during the 1920s prohibition period, the tradition of secret underground bars with hidden entrances and mysterious passwords continues on to this day- if you know where to look, that is. From the well-known Please Don’t Tell in the East Village accessed via a phone booth to the less easy to find Featherweight in Williamsburg, your drinking sessions will feel even more thrilling at a covert watering hole.