Digesting the Hot New Cuisine of Copenhagen

There’s nowhere quite as delightful as the Danish capital. From its beautiful waterside to the charm of cycling along its pretty streets, there are memories to be made around every corner, particularly when it comes to food. Copenhagen’s dining scene has rapidly gained traction as one of the most innovative and exciting on the planet. Whether you’re up for breaking the bank at one of the world’s best eateries or simply fancy a bite from a cheap-but-tasty independent, read on for the lowdown on digesting the hot new cuisine of Copenhagen.

A world class experience: Noma

Let’s get right to it. This is the restaurant that’s truly put Copenhagen’s dining scene on the international stage. That’s because it’s been ranked as the best restaurant in the entire world not once, not twice, but four times since 2010.

If you want to dine here you’re going to need both a full wallet and good luck. The restaurant receives around 20,000 reservation requests each month, but only seats around 40 diners at any one time. If you make it, the meal of a lifetime awaits. Double Michelin-starred Noma serves up a unique and exciting twist on traditional Nordic food. Its iconic dishes include ‘The Hen and the Egg’, and it’s an absolute gastronomical adventure from start to finish.

Triple Excellence: Geranium

Noma might hog the limelight with its boast of two Michelin stars, but this gem has three. Located in a beautifully set eighth-floor space at the city’s main stadium, Geranium offers stunning views over the city. Dining involves an ever-changing line-up of 20+ courses that are a thrill for the taste buds. Easier to get a seat in than Noma and still among the world’s 20 best, it’s every bit as incredible.

The best steak in town: KöD

A meat lover’s paradise beckons at this chic and stylish, centrally-located restaurant. Unsurprisingly, KöD literally translates as ‘meat’ – and steak is the main order on the menu here. You’ll find some of the highest quality cuts in the whole of Denmark. Choose from prime Danish, American or Uruguayan cattle, or experiment with their famous ‘alternative dish of the day’. To top it all off, there are plenty of great aperitifs, wines and cocktails to enjoy pre, during and post dinner.

Japanese joy: Sticks n Sushi

Maybe you love sushi. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re never tried it – either way, get yourself to Sticks n Sushi. Just one glimpse at their marvellous creations will have you dying to give them a go. Located at the Tivoli Hotel just south of the city core, its top-floor panoramic views and outdoor terraces are the perfect accompaniment to great and authentic Japanese cuisine. Serving everything from classic Miso soup through to vast sharing platters, superfood salads and grilled meats – there’s something here for all.

Creative independents: Copenhagen Street Food

Whether you’re on the go, on a budget or just want to try something a little different, head to Copenhagen Street Food. Surrounded by waterways and sitting side by side with art stores out on Paper Island, it’s a vast street food market bursting with exciting independents.

One minute you could be sampling authentic Turkish fare at ‘Anatolia’, the next indulging in some modern South Korean BBQ at ‘Bulko’. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then maybe the Colombian food at ‘Latienda’ will, or the gourmet pizza slices at ‘Madenitaly’ might do the trick. When it’s time to quench your thirst try ‘Stormly’, where organic Danish beer from local micro-breweries is on tap, while those with a sweet tooth should consider ‘Ishytten’s’ organic ice cream and Danish cakes.

Veggie pit stop: Souls

While out and about exploring the city, call in at Souls for a smart and satisfying pit stop. The vegan and vegetarian menus here are absolutely fantastic, but there really is something for everyone. Why not head here and try a traditional Danish breakfast of rye breads, cheeses and jams before heading out for the day? At lunch tuck into a Viking salad, bursting with fresh local produce – while one of their veggie burgers is a great call come dinnertime.


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