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The Airport line has landed!

The new Metrolink line to Manchester Airport via Wythenshawe town centre is now open for service.

Metrolink is Greater Manchester’s tram system and connects passengers with destinations right across the city. To catch a flight from the airport, or if you are visiting for any other reason, it couldn’t be any easier to use Metrolink as the stop is right inside the airport itself- adjacent to the rail platform. For arrivals, whatever your final destination you should be able to access it from one of the 92 stops.

Trams run direct from the airport to Cornbrook, a stop just outside the centre of the city. From Cornbrook there are frequent trams into the city centre itself, just walk across to the opposite platform and hop on an inbound tram. Alternatively there are frequent connections to the rest of the network from Cornbrook interchange, with trams heading towards Altrincham, Bury, Ashton, East Didsbury, Eccles and Rochdale. For information on Metrolink click here to visit the Metrolink website.

Trams run every 12 minutes at all times except outside the hours of 9:00am - 5:30pm on sundays and public holidays when they run every 15 minutes. To check the first and last tram times click here.

Tickets are available from machines on every platform of all stops, but not on board trams so please make sure to buy a ticket before you travel. For those visiting a number of destinations, travelling over a whole weekend, or with your family Travelcards offer great value.

Old Trafford

For those visiting Old Trafford football and cricket grounds, the quickest option is to take a direct tram to Trafford Bar which should take around 25 minutes. From there the stadiums are around a 10 minute walk.

Metrolink Developments

The Metrolink network is currently undergoing an exciting transformation in Manchester city centre, which will eventually lead to a brand new line in central Manchester and mean that trams can run direct into the heart of Manchester.

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