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Abu Dhabi Fly Manchester East

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi offers much more than just perfect sandy beaches and year-round sun. Here are just a few of our favourite attractions to keep you busy on holiday: Do a lap at the Yas Marina Circuit home to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ride the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and visit Yas Waterworld an exciting new waterpark.

Connecting to:

  • Sydney
  • Bangkok
  • Ho Chi Minh City
Dubai Fly Manchester East


Dubai's break-neck speed has taken the world by storm. Today the ever-evolving Emirate boasts one third of all the world’s cranes in a space the size of a small British city. Dubai has audacity, modernity and quality in equal measure and although the building work won’t be finished for decades it’s a spectacular global crossroads.

Connecting to:

  • Bangkok
  • Perth
  • Hong Kong
Doha Fly Manchester East


Doha is the proud capital of the oil and gas-rich emirate of Qatar a 100-mile peninsula linking Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Its strategic location is not lost on its inhabitants who now enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the Arab world – with a fast-developing tourist and cultural economy to match.

Connecting to:

  • Perth
  • Bangkok
  • Kuala Lumpur
Istanbul Fly East


It’s often said that Istanbul is one of the world’s great cultural crossroads. Simultaneously beautiful, challenging and exotic, it’s the only metropolis in the world that straddles two continents and cultural differences and similarities are everywhere to be seen. As a 24-year veteran of the World Heritage List there’s more to see and do than you could possibly fit in to a weekend.

Connecting to:

  • Mumbai
  • Johannesburg
  • Hong Kong
Islamabad Fly Manchester East


The capital of Pakistan is unique as one of the newest and most well-ordered of cities. Constructed in the 1960’s Islamabad provides the best of modern amenities combined with the exotic charm of this ancient culture. With an impressive selection of shopping options ranging from the bustling bazaar’s to the modern boutiques visitors will never be short on new places to explore.

Jeddah Fly Manchester East


Jeddah is without doubt the shining face of modern Saudi Arabia. Seated picturesquely on the shores of the Red Sea Jeddah is a perfect destination to explore all of the modern attractions of Saudia Arabia while also presenting some of rich cultural history. Particular local essentials include the impressive Arabic markets selling everything from designer clothes to hand-crafted artwork and crafts.

Cairo Fly Manchester East


As the capital city of Egypt and home to the awe-inspiring pyramids that have become the symbols of this ancient nation the city of Cairo has attracted travellers with it’s exotic beauty for centuries. But despite the ancient architecture that makes up the Cairo skyline visitors will be pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly the best of old and new have come together to create a thriving cosmopolitan city.

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