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Unspoken Rules of Private Jet Hire

Private jet travel is all about flexibility and doing things your own way, but there are also some unspoken rules of travel. 

Here's your jetiquette checklist and some insider tips to make the most of your private jet experience

1. To ensure a seamless departure, tell your crew when you are on way to the airport. Your Captain will then liaise with Air Traffic Control to ensure the swiftest possible take off.

2. Name-dropping is generally a big faux-pas. Private jets are private, and the most seasoned jetsetters do so with discretion, without shouting/tweeting or sharing it with the world.

3. Choose a seat on the right hand (starboard) side of the aircraft, facing forward. The Captain sits on the left (port) in the flight deck, so this will mean you have a good view.

4. Don’t be embarrassed to tip the crew if they do a great job. Whilst this is absolutely not expected, it is quite normal and your pilots will appreciate the gesture.

5. Private jet dress code. Strike the right balance in business-casual attire. Too overdressed, and you'll stand out like a sore thumb, but too underdressed and you'll be directed back to the low cost airlines (unless you're an A-list rock star).

6. Make sure you use the closest airport to your destination. There are 3000 private jet airports in Europe; airlines only use 300 of them, which means you can usually land at a smaller - and closer - airport, saving time and avoiding crowds.

7. Ask for anything that will make the trip more enjoyable and personalised - from music, magazines to catering. You are paying a premium for a bespoke flying experience, so don’t compromise on your enjoyment – if you want it, ask for it!

8. When travelling to a new region, ask the PrivateFly experts for local top tips. Whether you need a hotel or to find the best restaurant in town, our local handling agents will be able to advise.

9. Wait until the aircraft is in the cruise before chatting to your pilots. Safety is paramount, so let them take-off before you ask about the catering! However, when the aircraft is in level flight, your pilots are your hosts, so always feel free to go to the flight deck for a chat.

10. Don’t pay too much! Use our Quick Quote to get an instant price estimate and to search for the best aircraft at the lowest available price. There may also be an empty leg available to match your routing at up to 75% discount.

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