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The world of Manchester Airport has been brought alive through Manchester Airport Interactive. We have developed the site with the help of U-xplore it is an interactive product which will offer guidance to you; our current and future employees.

From the many calls that we get from students we know that working in the aviation industry is very popular and so we have developed this site to answer some of the questions that students put to us.

The site includes;

  • Real life case studies from a range of jobs such as the Airport Managing Director, pilots, air traffic control, administration and fire fighting; with hints and tips of how to get into the industry and what you need to do to develop your career.
  • A short video that showcases the Airport business. This is supported by a series of in depth video case studies and a number of 360 degree virtual tours.
  • A 360 degree virtual tours allow users to look around areas of the business to get a sense of a location that may otherwise have restricted access. It includes ‘hot spots’ which are interactive buttons attached to the images, when clicked, they present the user with more information and facts.