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One of Europe's most beautiful and idyllic cities, Sweden's capital is the perfect destination for a winter getaway.

Spread across 14 islands and connected by 57 bridges, Stockholm is easily explored by foot, with each neighbourhood boasting its own unique character. Find museums, pretty parks and a delicious dining scene, all set against the stunning backdrop of pristine forest.

In winter, go skiing on one of the city’s many slopes, glide around an ice rink, or join a guided skating tour across beautiful Lake Mälaren.


Located snugly between dense, majestic forests and the ever present Norwegian fjord, Copenhagen provides locals and visitors with all of the joys of nature right on their doorstep.

With an outstanding selection of museums and public art exhibitions, as well as a thriving cosmopolitan culture, and an ample supply of chic coffee houses, Michelin-star restaurants and decadent night clubs, Copenhagen is the perfect weekend getaway.


With its picturesque forests, hills and lakes, Oslo offers an abundance of opportunities for cycling, skiing and hiking. But although Mother Nature has indeed blessed Norway’s capital (and indeed the whole of the country), Oslo also boasts world-class museums and galleries, and a thriving café and bar culture.   


Understated Helsinki may well be the jewel in Scandinavian’s crown. Located at the edge of the Baltic, this trendy Finnish capital has a mild climate and miles of gorgeous coastline to explore.

Vibrant city streets offer up a plethora of art-noveau buildings, elegant cafes and plenty of art museums and galleries. If you get the feeling some restaurants haven’t changed their menu or their furnishings in 80 years, you’d probably be right.