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With its own unique identity, Tobago is just as beautiful than its neighbour Trinidad, with rainforests, jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches and pristine mangrove swamps. Take in crystal clear shorelines set against a backdrop of mountains as you switch off from reality in this tropical paradise.

Meanwhile, if you feel the need to take a break from your spot on the sand, choose from diving, bird watching, hiking and waterfall swimming – amongst many other island activities.  Trinidad also offers a delectable dining experience thanks to its rich mix of influences from around the world. Tuck in to freshly made pasta dishes at the candle-lit La Tartaruga or enjoy tapas at the tiny, hillside-veranda Salsa Kitchen.

Tobago from Manchester Airport
Gozo from Manchester Airport


While most tourists flock to the mainland, Gozo is Malta’s hidden secret – this tiny island (population: 30,000) is gorgeously fairy tale-esque, with towering churches, glittering coves and spectacular coastal cliffs.

For a luxury break, Gozo is the perfect choice. With some of the best beaches in Malta and guaranteed sun 300 days of the year, dip your toes in the azure waters and take your pick from swimming, snorkelling or diving. 


Picture paradise and Phuket is probably not far off. Endless stretches of white sand and the warm waters of the Andaman Sea (the island is often referred to as the ‘pearl of the Andaman’) make Phuket a tranquil haven of relaxation. Step away from the popular neon strip of Patong and you’ll find true solitude on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Meanwhile, Phuket offers an abundance of luxury hotels, often tucked away in secluded locations with the most stunning views Thailand has to offer. 

Phuket from Manchester Airport
Florence from Manchester airport


Flying into nearby Pisa, a short journey will soon find you in the Tuscan capital of Florence, where you’ll find your jaw dropping at every turn in this renaissance-era destination.

Roman and medieval history can be witnessed throughout the city, with architectural spectacles everywhere you look. Sample authentic Florentine cuisine in one of the city's many restaurants, washing down Tuscan treats with a glass or two of wine in a local enoteca. Meanwhile, spend an evening watching the sun set on the Arno River and you’ll surely find yourself falling head over heels in love with this romantic city.  


Sun-kissed sandy shores and an unstoppable fun-loving atmosphere mark Mexico as the perfect destination for cutting loose, but there’s much more to Mexico than first meets the eye.

Beyond a wealth of hedonistic delights, Mexico provides a range of pursuits for those seeking a luxury getaway. A gorgeous 14-mile stretch of shoreline will satisfy sun seekers, whilst the celebrated watersports haven of Great Mesoamerican Reef  (the second largest reef in the world) provides an enticing scuba diving and sailing hotspot. For the culturally inclined, visible remnants of the culturally attuned Mayan civilisation are evident in the form of iconic Mayan scripture, art, and dramatic architecture such as the Chichen Itza pyramids.

Mexico from Manchester Airport
Santorini from Manchester Airport


Where better to spend the longest day of the year than on the picturesque romantic isle of Greece’s Santorini?

Resting in the heart of the calming cobalt-hued Aegean Sea, Santorini’s scattering of whitewashed, blue-dome tipped resides within a naturally formed caldera, offers the perfect opportunity to savour picture-perfect views of this blissful surround.

The traditional hilltop views found in the town of Oia and dusk are simply unsurpassable, with restaurants and castle remnants aptly stationed for travellers to watch the emblazoned sun dip slowly into the horizon, before enjoying an esteemed nightlife complete with wineries, microbreweries and assortment of island shops selling traditional pottery and crafts.