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Beat our unpredictable summer weather - jet off to these destinations, where the sunshine is guaranteed!

Cancun, Mexico

An enticing 14-mile stretch of shoreline offers a heady mixture of delights appealing to travellers looking to either unwind on the assortment of white sand beaches or take advantage of the sparkling nightlife.

Beyond the wealth of hedonistic delights, Cancun provides a range of alternative pursuits for both the active and the culturally inclined. The celebrated watersports haven of Great Mesoamerican Reef as the second largest reef in the world, provides an enticing scuba diving and sailing hotspot.

Meanwhile, visible remnants of Mayan civilisation are evident in the form of iconic Mayan scripture, art, and dramatic architecture such as the Chichen Itza pyramids, which can be located only a couple of hours drive from the hub of the city.


Cancun from Manchester Airport
Fuerteventura from Manchester Airport

Fuerteventura, Spain

This second largest of the Canary Islands chain is unashamedly a beach-lovers paradise. Fans of watersports will enjoy the world class waves here - thanks to the island's warm climate and Atlantic breeze, Fuerteventura is considered to be one of the best places in Europe to surf. 

But Fuerteventura has more to offer than miles of golden sands and a climate akin to Florida. If you can tear yourself away from the beach, this ancient paradise has lush tropical gardens and breathtaking volcanic scenery to explore. In the evening, you'll be spoilt for choice with an array of delicious fresh seafood in one of the island's many fabulous restaurants. 


Marrakesh, Morocco

A labryinth of exciting markets offering everything from intricate handmade rugs and mounds of brightly-coloured spices to some of the most delicious street food you’ve ever tasted. A plethora of gorgeous restaurants, cafe's and bars in which to relax and watch the world go by as you sip on an icy cocktail. Boutiques, galleries... and mountain bike rides in the palm oasis. 

Whether you're heading to Morocco's capital for a long weekend of sightseeing, or for two blissful weeks in the sun, this exciting city never disappoints. 

Marrakesh, Morocco from Manchester Airport