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With history around every corner, beautiful beaches and awe inspiring landscapes, Greece offers something for every traveller.

Find out more with our guide to Greece Holidays, with Manchester Airport offering a gateway to a range of destinations within this cradle of modern civilization.

Acropolis dusk


Explore the modern capital and historic relics of Greece's 4,000-year civilisation, with stunning architectural feats including the hilltop setting of The Acropolis overlooking the ancient Parthenon city, nestling alongside a more contemporary Athens housing a glorious al-fresco cafe and dining culture.

Ever since the city saw the Olympic Games return to its spiritual home back in 2004, a discerning air of cosmopolitan sophistication has seen a transformation of this sprawling metropolis into an engaging contrast of past and contemporary culture featuring boutique hotels and creative urban quarters.



The essence of tranquil Greek island life can be found within the glinting turqoise-hued coastlines of the biggest island in the Ionian Sea.

Kefalonia brims with undulated charm, with a diverse landscape comprising striking cliff-side views, verdant forest space and some of the world's finest beaches, combining to form a destination ready-made for families seeking a relaxed getaway, or anyone looking for uncrowded beach spots such as the memorable Myrtos beach.

The main island town of Argostoli is a must visit for late-night entertainment and jovial atmosphere during the late evening and early morning hours, while Fiscardo bucks the trend of sleepy medieval village life in representing a desirable getaway for celebrity visitors.



Mykonos harbour


Revellers looking for a glamorous, non-stop party hotspot should look no further than Greece's Mykonos.

Lauded as a centrepoint for bohemian culture during the 1950's, the popular Cyclades island is known for its inclusiveness of a wide range of clientele and diverse communities. The main town of Hora is where a plethora of clothes and beauty shops can be sought during the day, before venturing out into the night for an unparalleled hedonistic adventure.

Regeneration of the island has seen a spate of trendy hotel spaces, beach bars and restaurants which flourish during high-season, while those wanting to glimpse a more laid-back side to the island can visit in the off-season when the beaches are quieter and the clubs more subdued.




When glancing towards Santorini's immaculate blue-dome tipped whitewashed resides scattered across the crescent shaped cliff tops, it's difficult to imagine the area was once an insignifcant empty caldera, before the Aegean Sea engulfed the crater to form the present-day, romantically enthused seascape.

Known for being a prime location for viewing spectacular sunsets from the hilltops of Oia Town, Santorini offers stripped back beauty in droves.

Archeological enthusiasts must visit Fira's Museum of Prehistoric Thera, where travellers venture into the island's Minoan past, complete with uncovered murals.


Blue domed church building


Resting to the south of the Greek island Ionian archipelago as the third largest island in the Ionian Sea, Zakynthos maintains a balance between the nightlife haven of Kos and the family-friendly resorts found on Rhodes.

The terrain is as equally diverse as the demographic in which the island caters, with the mountaneous regions to the north and south comprising jaw dropping cliff faces, offset by beach market towns to the east and fertile plains, Zakynthos is a destination of extroadinary contrasts.

There is no shortage of glorious beach space to discover, including the shipwrecked strewn intrigue of Navagio, alongside quiet beach coves and renowned beaches surrounding Zakynthos Town and Laganas Bay.