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East Meets North-West: Chinese New Year In Manchester

Manchester has a proud tradition of supporting its large Asian community in welcoming the New Year and the year of the boar will be no different. There are plenty of events in the city that make for a great New Year celebration, but if you want the best experience possible you should book into one of the many restaurants dotted around the China Town area as these often feature visits from the dragon parade and other traditional entertainment. Once your meal is booked, we have a few other suggestions to make the most of the big day:


7th of February – 10th of February

St Ann’s Square will be one of the hubs for this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations and one of the biggest features will be an art installation created by sculptor Alex Rinsler called ‘Piglet’. Piglet has an incredible coat made of thousands of individual pennies for good fortune and visitors can contribute their own coins to the statue, with all money going to The Big Change and the Wai Yin Society after the celebrations. This is sure to be an incredible site to see and totally unmissable.

Street Food Market

7th of February – 10th of February

(11:00 – 19:00)

Indulge in spectacular Chinese street food as you celebrate the New Year with the Street Food Market in St Ann’s Square. Boasting stalls from some of Manchester’s best restaurants, including Dim Sum Su, Jade Rabbit and Wallace & Sons - an incredible chance to sample the Asian flavours of the city.

Giant Golden Dragon

7th of February – 10th of February

Moving away from St Ann’s Square, in Exchange Square, you’ll be able to find a large Golden Dragon winding its way through the seating, tram station and area outside of Selfridges. The glittering monster of myth is an incredible sight to behold and the perfect backdrop for a selfie to celebrate the New Year.

Chinese Crafts

9th of February – 10th of February

If you’re celebrating with children this year you’ll want to visit the Confucius Institute and Centre of Chinese Contemporary Art where you’ll find plenty of arts and crafts for all ages to get involved with. This is a brilliant way to create keepsakes without spending too much and it’s ideal for little ones who want to learn about the culture and history of China. 

The Dragon Parade

10th of February

Another of the celebration hubs for this year’s festival, Albert Square will be playing host to the Dragon Parade as it makes its way from the Town Hall to the heart of China Town. Featuring floats and displays from many local Asian artists as well as a spectacular 175-foot dragon and traditional lion dances, this is the highlight of the celebrations and not to be missed.


If you want to join the tens of thousands flocking to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year you can find out more and make a booking here

For even more ideas around celebrating Chinese New Year at Manchester Airport click here and, on behalf of Manchester Airport, we’d like to wish you an incredible New Year filled with good fortune.