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About Bourgas

At the southern end of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Bourgas (or Burgas) is a business-like city with an ancient heritage, boasting both Greek and Roman origins and influences. Today, it's Bulgaria's largest port and the gateway to the resorts and towns of the Black Sea - and unlike the fashion for concrete elsewhere in this part of the world, it's worked hard to keep its architectural heritage in place.

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Hotels in Bourgas

As Bourgas keeps its prices reasonably low you can expect to get a lot more for your money than you would in other cities. There’s something for every budget but the Grand Hotel & Spa Primoretz should be the destination of those looking to splash out as it has a reputation for fantastic service, mouth-watering meals and a super-relaxing spa. Thrifty travellers should stick to branded hotels as lower end independents in the city receive mixed reviews.

Shopping in Bourgas

Bourgas is the perfect place for a shopping spree with plenty of shopping malls and big-name stores on its streets. There are plenty of benefits to shopping in Bourgas but the main one is the price, as it’s super-easy to snap up a deal that’d be impossible to find anywhere else in Europe. However, those looking for keepsakes and souvenirs should move away from the malls – instead pay a visit to the sprawling pop-up street markets where you are sure to find some unique treasures.

Food & Drink in Bourgas

Take a walk down by the water’s edge and it’s easy to see the influence of the black sea in Bourgas – there are seafood restaurants as far as the eye can see. Make sure to look up any reviews you can find of restaurants if want to sample the seafood, as quality can vary greatly. Alternatively, foodies should book at the Brewery in the heart of the city which specialises in a winning combination of craft ale and BBQ meats that are simply unmissable.

Events in Bourgas

Bourgas boasts a wealth of festivals and events with influences taken from around the world, thanks to the Black Sea. While there’s always something happening in the city, there are a few events that are unmissable:

International Folklore Festival

The International Folklore Festival sees people from around the world come to Bourgas to discuss the stories of their homeland and celebrate Bulgaria’s rich history of folklore. Many of the locals dress up and will often help you create your own costume making this is a fantastic event for children.

Independence Day

Independence Day in Bulgaria is celebrated in a similar way to July 4th in America with huge parties and incredible fireworks. It’s a great opportunity to meet locals and see Bourgas at its best - a perfect reason to visit the city at the end of September.

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Time zone:GMT +2 (GMT +3 in summer)
Flight time:3 hours 45 mins
Airport code:BOJ
Holiday type:Beach / Summer Sun

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