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Sound Insulation Grant Scheme

The Sound Insulation Grant Scheme provides financial assistance towards the installation of sound-proof glazing in the areas most affected by aircraft noise. We have provided a Sound Insulation Grant Scheme for over since 1972. During these 45 years aircraft noise emissions have improved dramatically; as a result of improvements in the design of aircraft engines/airframes. Aircraft today are 20-30dB quieter than the first generation of jet aircraft, such as the Boeing 707 and Comet. They now produce less than 1% of the sound of these early airliners.

The Scheme boundary is based on a 'noise contour' that identifies the area most affected by aircraft noise. As aircraft have become quieter the number of people affected and the Boundary has reduced. Today there are over 3,000 domestic properties within the current boundary of the Sound Insulation Grant Scheme.

How do I pursue get a Grant?
We have appointed a 'preferred contractor' to carry out glazing works and ensure consistently high standards and value for money. Householders can appoint their own contractor, as long as this contractor can install to the same standard and subject to the approval of our Schem Administrator. The administration of the Sound Insulation Grant Scheme is managed by the civil engineering firm Thomasons. You can access a copy of the Scheme brochure, e-mail the Community Relations Team, e-mail Thomasons or call us on 08000 967 967 to puruse your application.

How else can I insulate my home?

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