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Travelling by tram

The Metrolink now stops right at the airport

Manchester metrolink tram

Getting the tram to Manchester Airport

It couldn’t be easier to use the Metrolink tram service to travel to and from the airport, as it stops right in The Station at the airport itself. It is then just a 5 - 15 minute walk to get to and from the terminals, depending on which one you’re visiting, with moving walkways throughout.


Trams to Manchester city centre

With over 90 stops, the Metrolink connects all parts of Manchester, no matter where you’re heading. Trams run direct from the airport to just outside the city, where you can change for a short tram ride to the centre. Alternatively, there are frequent connections to the rest of the network, with trams heading towards Altrincham, Bury, Ashton-under-Lyne, East Didsbury, Eccles and Rochdale.