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Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck

Chinese cuisine is renowned the world over for its innovative fusion of succulent meats, vegetables and sauces which always make for a flavoursome meal.

There is nothing like tasting the real thing, with Beijing roast duck being a must try when visiting the capital. Beijing roast duck or Peking duck, is known for its thin, crispy skin, which is served in larger quantities than the meat itself at the more authentic dining spots.

Many restaurants provide a spectacle in the form of carving the duck beside diners. Short demonstrations on how to accurately prepare a Peking duck wrap are often provided, although the mouth watering taste isn't solely dependent on the quality of the preparation!

Roasted Duck At Qianmen Quanjude in the Congwen District and Dadong Roast Duck in the Dongcheng District are just two of the top restaurants to find high quality duck dishes.


Chinese Dumplings

Further popular food with Beijing inhabitants and tourists alike includes Chinese Dumplings, otherwise known as Jiaozi.

Sample Jiaozi and taste a fundamental fixture of Chinese cuisine dating back many generations. Beijing and greater Northern China is where soy sauce, vinegar and chilli dip are ingredients almost exclusive to this particular region.

Dependent on where you choose to sample Jiaozi, a wide range of meats and vegetables can be chosen to make up a personal take on a hugely popular national dish, while the dumpling focused eating houses are the best bet for finding high quality iterations.

Chinese Dumplings
Shredded Pork

Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce 

Another dining staple in Beijing is jingjiang rousi, or shredded pork in Beijing sauce.

Popular dishes across eating establishments and snack houses across the city are often variations on established Chinese fare, although jingjiang rousi is a bona fide Beijing staple. The popularity of this beacon of authentic Beijing cuisine rests in its simplicity, with sliced pork cooked in a sweet bean sauce making for a brilliant wrap based treat on the move.


Where to Eat

There are thousands of restaurants and fast-food chains catering for both western and eastern cuisine, although for a true taste of imperial Beijing, it is worth venturing towards the classic cooking of restaurants such as the scenic setting of 1925 established Fangshan Restaurant in Xicheng District.

Fresh ingredients and eye catching presentation are the order of the day, with each mouthful representing hundreds of years of traditional culinary evolution which was enjoyed by emperors and dynasties of China.

Local snacks are also a popular choice on the streets of Beijing, with busy night markets harbouring local and worldwide cuisine offering travellers an insight into daily Beijing living. Food streets to visit include Guijie Street, comprising over 150 storefronts and restaurants, and Donghuamen Night Market, where locals and tourists alike are drawn in by the natural aromas permeating a true Beijing market attraction.

Street Food Market Beijing

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