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Click here to view and download the Key Stage 2 Tour Pack.

We have several tour options available to KS2 groups, on average a Tour will last for 2 hours.

Standard Tour

Approximately 1 hour of the tour will be held in the cabin of the DC10, here the children will be involved in role play, highlighting to them the types of jobs people have at the airport. We will also explain all about the aircraft that they are sitting on. The children will get to visit the flight deck of the DC10, where they will be shown some of the flight controls to help understand how they affect the operation of the aircraft.

The rest of the tour is outside and focuses on the aircraft that can be seen taking off and landing, in addition to any other vehicles moving around the runway. We will also talk about Manchester Airport itself and then turn our attention to our very own exciting aircraft, which are housed at Runway Visitor Park.

History of Aviation themed Tour

During this tour we will step back in history to examine the Wright Brothers and their Wright Flyer, through to more recent aircraft such as the Supersonic Concorde, and the awesome A380.

There will be plenty of time to take a look at the aircraft we have here at Runway Visitor Park and to understand the historical importance of them.

History of Manchester Airport themed Tour

During this tour we will look how the airport has changed since the first airport in Manchester was opened. We will look at how the airport has been used in different ways, and how it has grown and developed. We will also spend some time talking about some of the job roles that are carried out at the airport every day, from Air Traffic Controllers, to our four-legged friends - the sniffer dogs that keep us safe in the airport. 

There will be plenty of time to take a look at the aircraft we have here at Runway Visitor Park and to identify the different parts that make them work. This will be in addition to watching the live action on the runway, as aircraft take off and land in front of us.

Environment themed Tour

During this tour we will look at the many environmental issues that airports such as Manchester Airport must consider. 

We will examine how people get to the airport, the building of Manchester Airport’s second runway and the considerations around the local Flora & Fauna. We will discuss noise pollution and how this is managed, plus issues such as recycling and bird control.

There will be plenty of time to try and spot the Bird Control team on the airfield, as well as getting to see some of the aircraft flying in and out of Manchester Airport.

Add on Tour:

We have an additional option that can be added on to our two hour tours.
Terminal 2 Tour – Explore the busy Manchester Airport terminal, whilst learning about the departures process and checking in. Experience first hand how vibrant and exciting an airport can be, possibly even inspiring our cabin crew & pilots of the future!

(When added to the two hour tour, an hour’s break for lunch will automatically be included, with the total tour time being 4 hours).

This session can not be booked alone, it must be booked alongside one of our two hour tours.

Please let us know if you have wheelchair users, or others with special needs in your group.

Tours for KS2 Groups cost £7.50 per child. For every 5 children you bring, you will get one Teacher / Adult place free, additional adults over the 5:1 ratio will be charged at £7.50.

The cost per child of the Add On tour is an additional £3.50 per child, bringing the total tour cost per child to £11.00. 

You are responsible for all parts of your transport & there will be a £10 parking fee at the Airport Coach Station, there will be no additional charge for parking at Runway Visitor Park.

Tours of Concorde can be arranged, though availability is limited, they start from £5 per person and there is no discount for teachers & adult helpers on Concorde Tours.

KS2 Links – Topics:

  • Our Environment                            
  • History of flight
  • Journeys                                         
  • Transport
  • Travel                                              
  • Aeroplanes
  • Careers at the Airport                   
  • Our local area
  • Planes, trains & Automobiles      
  • The Airport
  • Holidays                                          
  • Flight

This list is not exhaustive, if you have any themed topics you would like us to incorporate into your tour please note this on your booking form and we will do our utmost to draw on this during your tour.

Please see our Educational Tour Enquiry Form if wishing to book a tour.

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