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Here you should describe your project and what you would do. Please outline your group's structure and tell us if you have paid staff and/or volunteers. We would like to know about community usage and your maintenance programme (where applicable).
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This is your opportunity to sell your scheme to the Trustees. Please feel free to attach digital photographs if these enhance your application. Digital video will not normally be accepted.
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Are you part of an existing group or charity with clear banking or financial records?
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Individual or commercial organisations working for profit are not eligible for our scheme.
Please give full details of the costs for this scheme.
You must supply suppliers' or service providers' cost estimates. For building work please supply at least 2 estimates. Cost estimates should be itemised and not a lump-sum total cost. If you have to pay VAT please make sure this is included. If any discounts are offered these should be deducted from any estimates.
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How do you propose to recognise the support of Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund for your scheme?
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Manchester Airport is committed to ensuring that all people living in the area of benefit have an equal opportunity to receive a grant from the Trust Fund. Please help by giving an indication of the makeup of your group. By group, we mean all those that benefit from / are directly involved in your project. PLEASE GIVE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE NOT PERCENTAGES.
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How many of your group have a disability?