Missed your flight or unable to fly?

Missed your flight or unable to fly?

During emergency situations or when schedule airline travel is disrupted, private jet flights can be a viable and efficient way to get you on your way.

Missed your flight?

In the unfortunate situation if you miss your scheduled airline flight, we can still help. Manchester Airport offers a private jet booking solution. With access to over 7,000 accredited private aircraft, we can pinpoint the closest available aircraft at the best possible market price. You can be airborne on a private flight in as little as 45 minutes from booking.

Cancelled flights

Also if your scheduled airline flight is cancelled, private jets can offer a viable alternative. If your scheduled airline is cancelled, a private aviation flight may be able to be organised at short notice. In weather conditions such as fog or snow, private jets are more agile, with more availability and flexibility to quickly get flying again when weather conditions improve.

How quickly can I fly by private jet?

In partnership with private jet booking platform, PrivateFly.com, we can take you from booking to airborne in as little as 45 minutes. Submit your enquiry online, ask our help desk at the airport, or call the PrivateFly team 24 hours a day on 01747 642 777. Medical flights

We can also organise specialist medical evacuation flights and medical repatriation services. Patients can be transported by private jet air ambulances at short notice when they are too ill to travel by ground or using scheduled airline flights.

Air ambulance flights are manned by a medical flight crew including a doctor or nurse, and the aircraft will carry specialist medical equipment on board to deal with a wide range of medical issues and emergencies.

For all emergency flight enquiries contact the PrivateFly team on 01747 642 777.