Sitting proudly on the west coast of India

Food, films, fashion, the unstoppable Indian powerhouse that is Mumbai has it all. Here visitors can take in the glamour and exotic style that you would expect from the birthplace of Bollywood and home to some of the most well-respected cuisine in all of India. Be sure not to miss out on the electric array of film, dance and international food festival that make up the Mumbai calendar.


Food & Drink




  • Language

    English, Marathi

  • Currency


  • Time zone

    GMT +5.5 hours

  • Flight time

    9 hours

  • Holiday type

    Beach, City break


  • 29/03/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    37C max 28C min
  • 30/03/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    36C max 29C min
  • 31/03/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    36C max 29C min
  • 01/04/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    37C max 29C min
  • 02/04/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    37C max 28C min
  • 03/04/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    35C max 30C min
  • 04/04/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    36C max 26C min
  • Jan
    18°C max 30°C min
  • Feb
    31°C max 18°C min
  • Mar
    31°C max 21°C min
  • Apr
    33°C max 24°C min
  • May
    33°C max 27°C min
  • Jun
    33°C max 26°C min
  • Jul
    25°C max 25°C min
  • Aug
    30°C max 25°C min
  • Sep
    31°C max 25°C min
  • Oct
    33°C max 24°C min
  • Nov
    33°C max 22°C min
  • Dec
    32°C max 19°C min

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