This vibrant port city on Morocco’s Atlantic coast

Is the place to come for a hassle-free beach holiday that’s as laid-back or full-on as you are. While Agadir Bay, in all its 5-and-a-half-mile glory, has enough for planeloads of sand-loving sun-worshippers, the town itself is a modern, bustling, and at times chaotic way to explore the contemporary face of North Africa.

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Traditional pottery, Moroccan hand-woven carpets, leather goods, engraved jewellery, copperware and wood inlaid with intricate mother-of-pearl designs are just some of the best finds to hunt for when shopping in Agadir. Vendors have stalls displaying various crafts for sale along the streets running to and from the beach, but the best place to check out prices is the Centre Artisanal Cooperative (Rue du 29 Février), which has an excellent selection of handicrafts. For a no-hassle shopping experience, make the trip out to La Nouvelle Médina Polizzi (Bensergao) on the outskirts of town. Here artisans create and sell their wares amid the restored finery of an ancient médina.

Food & Drink

Moroccan cuisine is all about tender meats stewed in spicy and sweet flavour combinations, fresh seafood and fiery hot harissa paste. Tempt your taste buds at Le Jardin d'Eau (Boulevard du 20 Août) which has a menu of both Moroccan favourites and French haute cuisine, or for intimate, sophisticated dining enjoy the cosy atmosphere of Riad Villa Blanche Restaurant (Baie des Palmiers). For the freshest seafood in town, Poisson Al Jazera (Rue des Orangers) should be on your dining hit-list. If you're looking for cheap eats, head to the port area where restaurants abound serving up decently priced seafood.


Festival International du Théâtre Universitaire d'Agadir
This long-running festival competition brings university theatre groups to Agadir from across Europe and North Africa, as well as Morocco, to perform a series of plays.

Festival International de Documentaire à Agadir
Highlighting the work of documentary filmmakers from Morocco, the Middle East and across Africa, this event hosts a programme of film screenings in the city. A series of filmmaking masterclasses and discussions is run concurrently.

Festival du Rire d’Agadir
The ‘Festival of Laughter’ hosts a programme of stand-up comedy shows featuring both big-name comics and new up-and-coming stars of the local comedy scene.

Festival Timitar
First founded to celebrate Berber culture, this music festival has become one of the biggest music events in Africa with over 500,000 visitors. As well as hosting concerts of traditional Amazigh music, there are performances by local bands from across North Africa.

Concert pour la Tolérance
This annual event is a one-night-only extravaganza of a show which brings together some of Morocco's most famous musicians and singers, as well as chart-topping international pop and rock stars to perform on Agadir Beach.


Morocco's famed beach resort has plenty to offer sun-seekers. All the luxury and mid-range options straddle the swathe of white sand overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Budget holidaymakers should head to the north of town to the Talborjt District, away from the beach. If you're looking for opulent laid-back living, Riad Villa Blanche (Baie des Palmiers) has oodles of elegance and charm. Mid-range Timoulay Hotel and Spa (Baie des Palmiers) nearby has art deco touches and spacious rooms. For budget accommodation, La Clef des Agadirs (Tamraght), 10km out of town, is an intimate, secluded hotel with bags of local character.


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  • Currency

    Moroccan Dirham

  • Time zone

    GMT (GMT +1 hour in summer)

  • Flight time

    3 hours 55

  • Holiday type

    Beach, City break


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    Sunny skies

    35°C max 22°C min
  • 05/04/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    35°C max 16°C min
  • 06/04/2015 -

    Partly cloudy skies

    23°C max 14°C min
  • 07/04/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    22°C max 12°C min
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