T3 enhanced security measures for domestic passengers

From 22 May passengers travelling on flights to UK destinations from Terminal 3 will be subject to enhanced security measures. 

All passengers departing on a UK or Channel Island flight, or transferring on to a UK or Channel Island flight, will have their facial biometric captured before they enter the departure lounge.

Manchester Airport is required to introduce these controls by the UK Border Agency as a condition for the operation of the common departure lounge in Terminal 3 and so prevent any circumvention of UK immigration controls. 

All domestic passengers will have their facial biometric captured upon entry into the departure lounge and again upon leaving the lounge so as to verify their identity. 

The facial image and biometric information will be kept securely and will be erased after 24 hours.

As this is a Government requirement any passenger who chooses not to allow their image and facial biometric to be captured and confirmed prior to boarding will not be allowed to proceed and will not be able to board their flight

When this will happen
When presenting your boarding card at Security, you will be asked to face a camera so that an image and facial biometric is created. Before you leave the departure lounge for your gate another facial biometric image will be taken and compared against the original image to confirm this before you board the flight.