Customers can expect to find over 15 varieties of baguettes and sandwiches, with a constantly evolving range of fillings that has featured Moroccan lamb, Chicken Pesto, and staple favourites like Ham Salad and Tuna Mayo.

There is also plenty of hot food, whether it is bacon egg and sausage sizzlers available for breakfast and throughout the day, or lunchtime meals of freshly prepared chicken curry and potato wedges.

With useful services such as paypoint bill payment and mobile top ups and scratch cards. There is an expansive range of cold beers and chilled wines, confectionery, chilled foods, and general grocery.

New to Manchester Airport is the Tim Hortons Coffee & Donut offer now available at SPAR in Terminal 2.

What's New

In response to customer feedback Spar have introduced a new Halal product range into their stores in T1 and T2 for a trial period. The range is called The Halal Kitchen and is approved by The Halal Food Authority.

Products include:
Chicken & sweetcorn mayo
Chicken tikka
Chicken & stuffing
Chicken tikka & roasted peppers
Chicken salad
Chicken tandoori
Spicy potato
Egg salad
Prawn mayo
Tuna crunch

Chicken tikka
Chicken & sweetcorn

Chicken tikka
Chicken tandoori

For more information call:
T1 0161 437 6105
T2 0161 436 4637
T3 0161 489 8918
Normal opening hours are between the hours of our first and last departing flight each day. Please note these times may vary.

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