Pensioner wins 40,000 dream car from Best of the Best


It was a week of celebration for pensioner Irene Dellar who whisked her husband away to Guernsey for his 70th birthday and then returned to discover she’d won her dream car.

But as she was handed the keys to a 40,000 Range Rover Evoque, complete with 10,000 in cash stuffed in the glovebox, Yorkshirewoman Irene Dellar admitted she couldn’t drive.

That won’t stop her from being driven through her hometown of Morley in Leeds by her husband Robin, she told us. “I just want to wave at everyone like the Queen.”

Irene, 66, had bought the tickets while at Manchester Airport from the Best of the Best stand in departures.

“I just thought it was worth a go,” she explains. “I’ve played a couple of times before and just felt dead lucky this time.

“We thought nothing more of it and left for our short trip to Guernsey. It was where Robin and I first met more than 40 years ago and we wanted to go back before we’d be both pushing zimmer frames.

“A few days later we were back at the airport picking up our bags. As we walked through the arrival gates we were surprised by the guys from Best of the Best standing with all the taxi drivers with my name on a board. They took us out to the VIP area where there was this amazing car and they said it was ours. Well, you could have picked me up off the floor!”

Best of the Best gives away a dream car every two weeks and since launching in 2000 has handed over the keys to more than 14 million pounds-worth of dream motors.

Irene said she was waiting for someone to tell her it was all a joke.

“I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I still can’t believe it. I went round telling all the passengers to buy tickets because if I can win something like this then everyone’s in with a chance.”

Boss William Hindmarch still surprises or phones every single winner to give them the good news and has witnessed all manner of different reactions since setting up the business in 2000 - from screams and shouts to hugs and disbelief.

“It’s wonderful to be able to witness the emotion, regardless of how people display it,” he explains.

“Seeing how much it means to people is one of the reasons we love what we do. It’s life-changing in so many ways.”

Now giving away two dream cars each month, Best of the Best has come a long way since it was launched at Heathrow’s Terminal 4 over twelve years ago.

The first winner was an American called Daveeda Shaheen who is still in touch with the company today. Indeed, many of the winners continue to play, convinced they have the Midas touch.

Since then Best of the Best has had winners all across the globe with many different reactions, the best of which probably came from Adel Mbarki.



Best of the Best was founded by William Hindmarch in 2000. Since then the keys to more than 14m-worth of supercars have been handed over. William grew up in a house where cars ruled the roost. Indeed legend has it that his father splashed out on a car ahead of a staircase in their first house. Best of the Best can be found inside all of Britain’s major airports, with other venues in well-known shopping centres including Westfield. Half of all customers play online at and new competitions include luxury watches.

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Published on: 20/07/2013 09:42:48