Manchester Airport launches new 'Friendly Guides' airport chaperone service

5th June 2013

Manchester Airport is launching a new trial initiative this week of ‘Friendly Guides’ to help those who require assistance with navigating in and around the airport, including through security.

Passengers using the ‘Friendly Guides’ service will be escorted to wherever they wish to be once airside in the terminal and the guide will then agree a time and meeting place with the party to return and take them to the gate. Passengers will be able to call their ‘Friendly Guide’ direct at any point should they have any questions or require their guide to return to meet them.

For arriving passengers, the ‘Friendly Guide’ will meet the passenger at their arrival gate, fast-track them through immigration, take them to their baggage reclaim carousel and then guide them to their onward means of transport. Trolleys will be provided for free for anyone using this arriving or departing service however the guides are unable to carry bags or push trolleys.

Tricia Williams, Customer Service Director for Manchester Airport, said: “The purpose of this service is to take the stress out of travelling. The ‘Friendly Guide’ will be your dedicated guide to meet you at your point of arrival, whether that be at a car park, bus stop, taxi drop off or the train station and take you to your check-in desk before fast-tracking you through security.”

This service will eliminate the element of worry some people experience in an airport with not being sure where they’re heading to, especially if they’ve not visited before or if English is not their first language. Passengers will be guided through the check-in and security process and will have more time to relax in one of the airside bars and restaurants or have more time for shopping without worrying about missing their flight. Passengers who book into any of the Escape Lounges will be collected direct from the lounge.

Also offered as part of this service for those booking the service for a relative is the option of sending them a free text to let them know that their relative has safely boarded the aircraft.

The service will cost £50 for up to four passengers departing and £40 for up to four passengers arriving. Up to six passengers can be accommodated within one group for an additional £5 per person and the service must be booked in advance.

Tricia Williams added: “We recognised from feedback that some passengers who drop off relatives are not familiar with the airport and that this small gesture would be greatly appreciated. With this service, people can relax safe in the knowledge that their relatives have been looked after from the moment they’ve arrived at Manchester Airport and be told the moment their family member is on the correct flight.”

Many other airports currently offer a similar service, however in comparison a similar package at other airports would cost the passenger over £100. The Friendly Guide will also be an existing member of Manchester Airport staff so will also have the relevant knowledge required to help efficiently.

The Friendly Guides initiative will be trialled for the next two weeks in Terminal 2 and rolled out officially in all terminals for summer. For more information about Friendly Guides, they can be booked by calling the Customer Contact Centre on by calling 0871 522 1101 or by visiting:

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Published on: 05/06/2013 17:03:16