Thomson Airways reunites abandoned dog with holidaymaker

When Beverly Peascod, from Carlisle, went on a summer holiday last year, she never dreamed of gaining a new addition to her family in the form of stray dog Sylvie. Now, almost a year later, Bev and Sylvie will be reunited thanks to Thomson Airways as Sylvie is now out of quarantine and allowed into the UK.

Dog–lover Bev and her daughter Charlotte came across the stray dog halfway through their two week holiday in Zante, Greece. Bev, who named the dog Sylvie after Tsilivi, the resort where they were staying, said that she could not resist her big brown eyes and sad gaze. Clearly starving, and with what looked like a tyre mark on her side, Sylvie was in great need of some love and attention.

With the help of the First Choice resort team who agreed that Sylvie could sleep in their apartment, Bev continued to nurse her for the remaining days of her holiday. Worried about what would happen to Sylvie when she had to leave she desperately tried to rehome the dog she had become so attached too. “I spent days crying about what was going to happen to her if she didn’t get rehomed, it was heartbreaking” she said. Bev made the decision to adopt Sylvie after being unable to find a home for her. She contacted the Zakynthos Animal Welfare Fund who agreed to look after Sylvie while she was in quarantine.

The total cost of keeping Sylvie in quarantine since September is over 2,250 but Bev says it is worth it to know that Sylvie is safe and being well looked after. Bev has received regular updates and photos from the First Choice team in resort to see how Sylvie is doing. “The cruelty I saw was really quite distressing and I couldn’t face the idea of her being back on the streets. I would have brought back all the stray dogs if I could, maybe if I win the lottery!”

Thomson Airways have tried to reduce the costs for Bev by transporting Sylvie back to the UK free of charge. After eight long months of separation Bev cannot wait to be reunited with Sylvie, “I am so happy that we have been able to get her home with the help of Thomson Airways, I really am so grateful.”

It’s not just Bev who is using Thomson Airways to transport a much loved pet. In 2009, Thomson Airways cargo carried over 2,300 animals on their flights, including cats, dogs, iguana’s, monkeys, rabbits, hamsters, parrots, tortoise and even a leopard.

Thomson Airways provides Pet Travel services to and from a wide variety of worldwide destinations. Customers have the choice of either flying on the same flight as their pet for extra peace of mind or travelling unaccompanied, whatever you choose, Thomson Airways will ensure that your pet is transported with care.
For more information visit: http://www.thomson.co.uk/editorial/faqs/flights/pets.html or call 01784 425 300 to speak to a member of our specialist Pet Travel team.

Published on: 14/06/2010 12:53:37