Lush, fertile Samos is the Aegean’s larder

With grapes, honey, olives, fruit and almonds in abundance. It’s picture-postcard stuff as rolling hills, steep cliffs and long beaches give way to pure blue seas. The island was once the home town of Pythagoras (but don’t let that put you off), and today it’s better known as the home of some award-winning Greek wine (as chosen by the Vatican).


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  • Currency


  • Time zone

    GMT +2 hours (GMT +3 hours in summer)

  • Flight time

    4 hours 30

  • Holiday type

    Beach, Summer sun


  • 05/03/2015 -

    Cloudy skies

    17C max 15C min
  • 06/03/2015 -

    Partly cloudy skies

    18C max 15C min
  • 07/03/2015 -

    Moderate rain at times

    16C max 11C min
  • 08/03/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    14C max 10C min
  • 09/03/2015 -

    Cloudy skies

    14C max 10C min
  • 10/03/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    14C max 9C min
  • 11/03/2015 -

    Sunny skies

    14C max 9C min
  • Jan
    13°C max 7°C min
  • Feb
    13°C max 7°C min
  • Mar
    13°C max 8°C min
  • Apr
    20°C max 11°C min
  • May
    24°C max 14°C min
  • Jun
    24°C max 20°C min
  • Jul
    22°C max 22°C min
  • Aug
    33°C max 23°C min
  • Sep
    29°C max 19°C min
  • Oct
    24°C max 15°C min
  • Nov
    17°C max 11°C min
  • Dec
    15°C max 9°C min