Sitting proudly on the west coast of India and facing out into the Arabian Sea, Mumbai – formerly known as Bombay - is a heaving Asian city of 13 million, making it India’s largest (and one of the world’s more populous). An ancient trading hub, it retains all the trappings of global commerce, accounting for 40% of all India’s maritime trade. Although today, it’s as likely to be known for its status as the home of Bollywood as it is for its commercial credentials.

Must See:
Take an hour-long ferry trip out from the city to Elephanta Island where a small train will take you directly to a whole complex of caves, intricately carved into the rock.

Must eat at:
Khyber at 145 MG Road is a must-visit gastronomic destination, where you can join the great and the good of Mumbai lording it over a meaty menu of kebabs, biryanis and leg of lamb.

Must be there for:
Visit the city at the end of summer and you’ll experience the awe-inspiring Ganesh Chaturthi. This 11-day Hindu Festival honours the elephant-headed God of wisdom and prosperity – when mud sculptures of the God are ceremonially dunked in the river.

Well-travelled facts:
Mumbai has huge historical links to the UK – the original British East India Company was based here
In June 2005, 944mm (37 inches) of rain fell in a single day.

British citizens need a visa to visit India for business or pleasure.
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Destination overview
  Language: English, Hindi, Marathi
  Currency: Rupee
  Time zone: GMT +5.5 hours
  Good for: Singles, Couples
  Holiday type Beach, City break
  Weather Average maximum temperature: 27.2C (average daily)
Rainfall: 2129mm a year

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