Imperial City. Olympic City. Protest City. There are many ways to look at and remember Beijing, one of the four great capitals of ancient China, and modern-day political, educational and cultural hub of the vast People’s Republic. It’s a city of contrasts in many ways - as hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters do battle... along with modern architecture and dazzling Imperial-era palaces, temples and gardens.

Must See:
Take in the breathtaking HQ of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, otherwise known as the Forbidden City. You’ll need days to do it justice - the world’s largest surviving palace complex has 980 different buildings.

Must eat at:
When in Beijing, one must do as the locals do. And enjoy a slice (or three) of authentic Beijing Duck. And the Beijing Dadong Road Duck Restaurant does what it says on the tin, in no uncertain style, with a reputation - and queues - to match.

Must be there for:
If your itinerary doesn’t coincide with Chinese New Year, make an autumnal date to join the locals in celebration of the Moon Festival, on the 15th day of the 8th moon (in September or October), for a taste of local moon cakes and a whole lot of star-gazing.

Well-travelled facts:
The city’s old English name - ‘Peking’ - is said to have originated with French Missionaries.
Seasonal dust storms are sometimes a problem in the city – which the authorities try to dampen by artificially inducing rain to fall...

British citizens need a visa in order to visit China. For full information on how to apply, visit

Destination overview
  Language: Chinese
  Currency: Yuan
  Time zone: GMT +8 hours
  Good for: Singles, Over 60s, Couples
  Holiday type City break
  Weather Average maximum temperature: 17.9C (annual)
Rainfall: 635mm a year

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