India’s third most populous city – and capital of Karnataka state – Bengaluru (to use its proper name) is one of the country’s best places to do business. A sprawling commercial hub, it’s a major contributor to India’s thriving IT sector. Peer behind the business facade and you’ll find The Garden City of India – a civilised place with the perfectly-preserved trappings of Imperial splendour still in evidence.

Must See:
Take a trip to the southern part of the city to visit Lal Bagh, a beautifully cultivated (and perfectly trimmed) 240-acre botanical garden, with a familiar-looking glass house said to have been modelled on London’s Crystal Palace.

Must eat at:
Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR for short) in Shinti Nagar serves up delicious masala dosas (that’s crispy pancakes to you and me), but the main draw is the dozen-dish feast for lunch and dinner, for which you may well need to queue with locals in-the-know.

Must be there for:
October to February is the most clement time to visit Bangalore – assuming you’re not here for an IT conference – and there’s no better reason to come than to celebrate Diwali (in October/November), when worshippers seek blessings of prosperity from the goddess Lakshmi.

Well-travelled facts:
Bangalore sits 3,000 feet above Sea Level.
With annual economic growth of around 10%, the city is one of Asia’s fastest-growing enterprise hubs.

British citizens need a visa to visit India for business or pleasure.
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Destination overview
  Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada
  Currency: Rupee
  Time zone: GMT +5.5 hours
  Good for: Singles, Couples
  Holiday type City break
  Weather Average maximum temperature: 23.8C (average daily)
Rainfall: 909mm a year

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