At Manchester Airport, our goal is to be one of Europe's leading airports when it comes to managing and caring for our local environment.
Over the years, our environmental innovation has resulted in strategies, processes and technologies that are now standard practice at most of the UK’s major airports.
We recognise that growth needs to be managed to strike the right balance between the social and environmental impact of the airport and the benefits we bring to the area.

Read on to discover more about the environmental effects of airport operations and our initiatives to limit their impact.
We also have a new M.A.G website with more information of how we are doing as a group and our Sustainability Report.

Environment Plan
We recognise that the forecast growth of the aviation sector, including Manchester Airport, has the potential to cause significant environmental impacts. Our Environment Plan describes these in detail and sets out stringent targets to achieve our environmental policies.

As our impacts on the local environment cannot increase in line with airport growth, we will strive to reduce their scale and nature in real terms, wherever possible.

For complete information, download our full Environment Plan

The Environment Plan is one of four action plans which support our Master Plan to 2030. The Master Plan describes our vision to be simply better in everything we do, and be internationally recognised as a leading 21st century airport.

The three other action plans are:


Noise Action Plan
In May 2011, our Noise Action Plan 2010-2015 was adopted by the Government. In it we set out how we are going to manage the impacts of aircraft noise over the next five years. 

Our noise action plan will continue to evolve, and our targets, policies and procedures will most likely change as we carry out reviews over the life of the plan. Any change will be aimed at limiting and reducing, where possible, the number of people affected by noise as a result of the airport’s activities.

Noise Action Plan 
Noise Action Plan Summary
Environmental Policy


Night Noise Policy
We have adopted a balanced approach in setting our Night Noise policies and believe that they are necessary if we are to achieve our environmental objectives and specific night noise abatement objectives.


We are committed to openly reporting our progress against a number of environmental performance indicators. On this page you will find the latest environmental reports.
The indicators not only help raise awareness of issues and areas for improvement, but also measure the level of our impact and the progress we are making.  

See archived reports